Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Jack Grealish Hints, Tony Xia Message and Abraham Announcement

When it comes to transfer windows, there is one old clickbait trick that always rears its head. The rehashing of stories from the previous...

The Agenda of Jack Grealish to Manchester United

The 'Grealish to United' narrative is kept simmering away like George Orwell's perpetual war.Exclusive MuppetsIt's been a good six months since MOMS has done...
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Media Muppets: Fabian Delph Could Be Off and Daily Mail’s Bad Maths

Delph out. Griffiths in. And the Daily Mail needs to go back to schoolWe've already dished up one Media Muppets column this week, but...
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Some Very Dubious Wolves Opinion to Go With Past Villa Failings

The below heads-up to Media Muppetary was sent in to MOMS a while ago, but we thought we'd save it for a 'look back...
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Media Muppets: The Wes Hoolahan Transfer Media Circus – Somebody Has Been Lying!

Wes Hoolahan Transfer to Aston Villa - Fact or Fiction?'The Hoolahan transfer saga seems to be a media circus without an obvious ringmaster of...
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Media Muppets – Journalists Making up Rubbish about Benteke Transfer

 Why are journalists making up rubbish about the Christian Benteke transfer? How do football journalists get away with it? When it comes to reporting on...