Media Muppets: The Fabian Delph West Ham Transfer

Fabian Delph off to the Hammers?


After Christian Benteke transfer rumours (he’s still at Aston Villa last time we checked), Fabian Delph rumours are the next most tedious. Wasn’t Delph meant to be Yohan Cabaye’s replacement at Newcastle? In fact, wasn’t Delph and Weimann going in a £15 million double deal to Newcastle? Oh, maybe not, it seems he’s off to West Ham instead…



Dave Kidd @ The Mirror


West Ham’s Big Sam plots Fab £5million move for Villa youngster Delph


West Ham boss Sam Allardyce is plotting a bid for Aston Villa midfielder Fabian Delph.
The former England Under-21 player , who is a candidate to force his way into Roy Hodgson’s senior squad next season, has a year left on his Villa Park deal and the Hammers believe they can prise him away.

The club are carrying out a major overhaul of their squad this summer and Allardyce is keen to sign a first-choice central midfield player with Premier League experience.

Delph, 24, fits the bill and the Hammers are ready to make an offer of around £5m for a player who attracted the attention of England boss Hodgson with some fine performances in a struggling Villa team last season.

Villa are keen to tie former Leeds kid Delph to a new deal but no agreement is imminent.


1. It’s getting to the point where we’re going to have to post out a Media Muppets medal to the Mirror offices for their unshakeable duty to being prized Media Muppets when it comes to outlandish transfer rumours.

2. ‘Youngster’? In football terms Delph is three or four years past that description.

3. £5 million?! Would Aston Villa really let one of their best players go for such an amount? A player, as the Mirror puts it, is a  ‘candidate to force his way into Roy Hodgson’s senior squad next season’.  First of all, it would be the most foolish piece of business Villa have done since Martin O’Neill sold Gary Cahill for a similar amount, especially since he cost almost twice that amount. Secondly, it would cause a riot at Villa Park, since the club would be pretty much making a statement that it actually had zero ambition.

4. Yep, I’m sure what motivated Fabian Delph through two long-term injuries at Aston Villa was the goal of eventually getting a move to and playing for a lesser club like West Ham.

5. I could go on, but this rumour is just made-up nonsense. People get paid for this. I wonder if they actually believe the stuff they write?




  1. Calm down children, time to put your toys away. Haven’t you learned after all these years of the silly season that this is more media nonsense. We don’t want him quite frankly, I’m sure he doesn’t want to join us and you don’t want to sell him to us. There there, time for bed!

  2. You just carry on clinging desperately to this amazing future the ex small heath fc porno owners have clearly convinced you of John. As for the Charity stadium you’ve been donated (Talk about sick & tired old men lol) that’s fine we have planning permission to expand our historic stadium too as & when the time is right. Feel free to carry on trying to stick the boot in to the “Sick old man” called Villa when he is down… says an awful lot about you kicking sick old men doesn’t it :/

    As for trying to detract from the previous achievements of this club well you see those trophies, which you so badly crave, can never be taken away you see.. they are there forever in the history books…

    Best hope that one day you can emulate this great clubs achievements eh?!

  3. West ham have always believed their own hype…poor poor relations of London, in fact the PL…Delph 5mil to West Ham…keep blowing your bubbles along with dreams….no chance end of…

  4. Maybe if we broaden our selective thinking a little instead of looking at one trivial season in which West Ham (Just about) finished above a Villa side crippled by injuries to key players and we look at the whole picture it would be clear that Villa are at an all time Premier League low.. Largely because of the fact we have been being prepared to be sold by the owner for the last 3 years at least. West Ham by comparison are riding the crest of a wave by their standards and yet still only just about pipped us!

    As for the “A good season for you is not getting relegated” comment are you actually real? You have just described West ham of the last few decades i believe?… Difference is that’s your norm and i have lost count of the number of times you have been relegated during that time whereas this is a real low for us and we still didn’t go down. :/

    As i say .. selective thinking

    Villa on a bad year finish 15th/16th
    West ham on a bad year get relegated.

    Villa on a good year finish around 6th
    West Ham on a good year finish around 13th

    As for the Mirror? Only thing that surprises me is it hasn’t got perforations across it every 15cms and pictures of Labrador puppies in the front cover!

  5. Bigger ground? You’ll only be able to boast that point for another couple of years. The trophies you’ve won are in the past and can’t help you in the future. Villa are like a sick old man. Tired and worn out…

  6. A lesser club like west ham ? haha you do realise you don’t have Milner or Barry playing for you and this isn’t the mid 90’s. A good season for you is not getting relegated . We finished 13 th last and that was seen as an underachievment .When you have to bring in keane to help you ,you know you are in trouble. At least you signed our flop Joe Cole so Europe surely beckons.

  7. Play for a lesser club like West Ham?

    West Ham had a bad season last year and were still loads better than Villa.

    No wonder he’d choose The Hammers over Villa. Villa are lined up ready to be the next Leeds Utd.

  8. off topic a little, but can u do a media muppet watch on vlaar going to man utd ? if LVG is tapping up robben wouldnt he try tap up vlaar who was imo the best defender in the WC…. not sure if any newspaper has came out with the rumor but its a rumor thats been about for about 2 months now i think.

    on topic, delph going to westham ?? hhahahahaah oh and hahahahaah

    • There’s been a few Vlaar to United rumours written. Obviously, it’s guess work, but at the same time, it’s not far fetched or out of the question. I’d be surprised if Vlaar is still a Villa player come the end of August.

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