Friday, July 19, 2024

Villa Park

My Old Man Said stories related to Villa Park, home of Aston Villa

We Want Our Villa Back

We Want Our Villa Back: An Open Letter to the Holte End

We Want Our Villa Back: An open letter to the Holte End  Dear Holte Ender,This letter hasn’t been easy to write and it’s also taken...
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Villa Park Stadium Naming Rights Potentially on the Agenda

The Name is Park, Villa Park For now Villa Park has escaped having its name 'officially' changed to serve a major sponsorship deal, but what...
We Want Our Villa Back

Proposed Holte End Demonstration: Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding the proposed 8/82 minute demonstration, obviously you don't have to do this if you sit in the Holte End, but ask yourself this:...

More Transparency Needed by the FA to Justify Fining Aston Villa £200,000

'If I was the Villa CEO Tom Fox, I would appeal against the fine amount.'Not FineThe FA have found it fit in their wisdom...