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Villa Park

My Old Man Said stories related to Villa Park, home of Aston Villa

Villa vs Bolton 6th & 19th Minute Tributes Statement and Press

Fabrice Muamba Tribute: Villa vs Bolton Tuesday April 24th 7.45pm'Following on from a positive fan response, it is our intention to call for all...

Results of Which Stadium Offers the Best Premier League Away Fan Experience

The Villa Park Away Fan Experience Last season football supporters were asked to fill in the Football Supporter Federation's Away Fans Feedback Survey reporting their...

The Outlawed ‘One Stan Petrov’ Banner Surfs When it Wants!

“Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” - Albert Einstein  The 'One Stan Petrov' Banner Surfs When it WantsThe use of the 'One...

Aston Villa Fan Racism – Is it a Reality?

2012 - The Year of the Racist Racism has increasingly been the de rigueur subject matter in football this year. Until the last few months, racism...

Sponsored Supporters at Villa Park for Sky TV – Brigada 1874 Respond!

Sponsored Supporters? Call me sentimental or a traditionalist, but with Saturday March 2nd being the exact day of the 125th anniversary of the day Villa...

Football Supporters Federation Call For Common Sense on ‘One Stan Petrov’ Banner

As the debate goes on regarding the ban of  the 'One Stan Petrov' banner being able to surf on the 19 minute mark at...