Football Supporters Federation Call For Common Sense on ‘One Stan Petrov’ Banner

As the debate goes on regarding the ban of  the ‘One Stan Petrov’ banner being able to surf on the 19 minute mark at Villa Park, MOMS contacted the Football Supporters Federation (FSF), the Liverpool Supporter’s Union (Spirit of Shankley) since the KOP knows a thing or two about banners, and the West Midland’s Police, to get some outside perspective on the matter.

First off, here’s what the FSF said on the matter:

“It is disappointing that the club have moved to ban the surfing of the Petrov banner during the game due to a tiny minority of other supporters complaining.    While surfing flags mid-game isn’t common, it isn’t unheard of either and given the sentiment behind the gesture it is a pity that those complaining weren’t perhaps advised to tolerate their view being obscured for a very short period.  Football supporters have a great history of displaying their passion for both their clubs and much loved and respected players in many different ways and perhaps the club should consider that this gesture is part and parcel of being a fan and more importantly, one of togetherness.”

– Amanda Jacks, Football Supporters Federation


liverpool kop flags
And nine Villa fans complained about one flag….


The spokesman for the Liverpool’s Supporters Union informed MOMS, that the displays on the Kop and the placing of flag poles have been a result of good on-going relations between the Liverpool supporter groups and the stewards and stadium manager. Of course, Liverpool FC has its regulations and guide lines, but sensible understanding on both sides can get a desired result that both parties are happy with.


These fans can’t see jack, but do they moan? No, because they are one.

It’s a mutual understanding and communication between all the parties on the ground level of match days (supporters and Villa staff), that MOMS also communicated to the West Midlands Police section that deal with Aston Villa.

Aston Villa FC had no problem with the ‘One Stan Petrov’ banner when it was used last season, this season they are only acting because of these nine complaints.

To be honest, the problem here is really the reaction of this minority of fans to the ‘atmosphere group’ Brigada 1874 coming to L8 in the Holte, and not the banner per se. More than nine season ticket holders in L8 have expressed their delight in the improved atmosphere due to Brigada joining them.


‘I have sat in L8 since 1995 and the Everton game was the best atmosphere I have seen for years. Long may it continue.‘ – Tom

‘Just moved to L8 from L4 to save money and loved it. Moved there with my son and he enjoyed it as well. Great atmosphere and had no issue with the flag.’ – Dave

‘It was certainly an improvement over the morgue that the once proud Holte has become. I helped pass a banner over people’s heads before ko, and had no issue with that’. – Vaze

The kids loved what was going on …. When I took my little one she loved the standing and singing.’ – Ian

(comments from Aston Villa News and Views.)


Bulgarian Petrov fans have been in touch puzzled and upset by the decision

The Holte End has always been the focus of Villa Park and there should be a coming together of Villa supporters as one.

Today’s ‘me’ culture perpetuated by modern day consumerism, economics and politics should be left at the turnstiles.  In this particular instance, if an act of union blocks your view for a few seconds, so be it.

Of course, the Brigada 1874 realise they need to exercise a duty of care to other supporters around them, and they have in discussions with MOMS always expressed this. And, by the way, the guys at Brigada have been an intelligent and articulate bunch of supporters in all communications.

It’s interesting and sad to compare that to the irrational one of the nine complainers on WM Radio, who was scare mongering , accusing Brigada of ‘pill-popping’ and suggesting groups like this will see a return to the hooligan groups of the 70’s and 80’s, and that their wish to stand will lead to “another Hillsborough”.


I haven’t seen any cage-like fences on the Holte End this season…the only thing that’s related to Hillsborough is this sounds like the same kind of slanderous accusations made at Liverpool fans of them stealing wallets from the dead and urinating on policemen.

I saw a fan injecting a needle during the West Ham game…does that make him a heroin junkie?  Or is it more likely he’s a diabetic? Come on, use your common sense. Fans do take medication while watching games (and over tha last year it’s probably been prescribed by doctors especially for Villa games!).

To make such comments about fellow Villans is simply out-of-order.  These are fans working to build an atmosphere to help the team.

It’s time for Villa fans to be constructive in this matter and I’m sure the club will follow suit. UTV


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  1. Viva Brigada 1874. Their ‘One Stan Petrov’ flag surfed on the 19th minute today vs Swansea, to compliment a hearty 19 min applause for Stan . Good vibes today in the Holte. #onestandpetrov

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