New Aston Villa Ticket Prices and 1888 Seats to Increase Hospitality Revenue

Aston Villa Ticket Prices 2023/24

Individual Villa Park match tickets have gone up close to 14% across most tickets, which is slightly under the basic season ticket increase of 15%. Plus, there’s the introduction of a padded seat option in the Trinity Road stand, called the 1888 seats (hopefully not named after Walsall’s hospitality lounge).

The club’s website brazenly states that Aston Villa ticket prices now include ‘a simplified zonal plan following supporters’ feedback’. A ‘gentrified zonal plan’ would have been more apt.

Last season, the club culled the cheapest Zone 5, under the pretence of simplification. But, simplification this season equates to adding back an additional zone, a much more expensive zone that has zero concessions on it.

1888 Seats

The zone of the ‘1888 Seats’, are situated in the Trinity Road stand in B3, B4 and B5. In the club’s words: ‘an ‘1888 seat’, which for an increased price, includes a padded seat and club tie/scarf’.

The 1888 seats will cost £80 for Category A games and £68.50 for a Category B match.

Essentially, what has happened here is Villa supporters have been filling in surveys in the hope of getting better concourse facilities (as they’re currently not fit for purpose), and the club have interpreted it as, or used it to leverage, for the creation of soft hostility options, in the form of the 1888 Seats and the ‘The Terrace’ in the Upper Holte.

1888 Seats in Villa Seating Plan

1888 seat placement in Villa Park seating plan

Villa Park Soft Hospitality

A big concern for Villa’s commercial department has been the fact they have been down on the percentage of Villa Park match day revenue they want from hospitality. Villa have been well under the average 10% benchmark of Premier League clubs. So, they have been led by their data to believe they can make some of this up with these soft hospitality offerings.

Time will tell if the demand is there for the 1888 Seats and The Terrace, and whether they’ll attract the football tourist punter and potentially change the demographic of Villa Park.

New Villa Park ticket prices below…

Villa Park Matchday Ticket Prices

Category A

The eight Villa Park games that are categorised as ‘A’ are Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Newcastle, Chelsea, Spurs and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

 1888 SeatsZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Wheelchair Bays
Adult £80 £68 £63 £58.50 £48 £48
Over-66 / Under-21 £80 £68 £47.50 £44 £36 £36
Armed Forces £80 £68 £50.50 £47 £38 £38
Under-18 £80 £68 £32 £29.50 £24.50 £24.50
Under-14 £80 £68 £19 £17.50 £14.50 £14.50

Category B

 1888 SeatsZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Wheelchair Bays
Adult £68.50 £51 £45.50 £42 £40.50 £40.50
Over-66 / Under-21 £68.50 £51 £29.50 £27.50 £26.50 £26.50
Armed Forces £68.50 £51 £36.50 £33.50 £32.50 £32.50
Under-18 £68.50 £51 £23 £21.50 £20.50 £20.50
Under-14 £68.50 £51 £16.50 £15.50 £12.50 £12.50

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  1. I genuinely believe they will lose out with these increases.
    Wolves category A..that’s a joke!
    Last season it was the only league fixture where we had less than 40000 ..empty seats were trinity upper..basically the seats £50+ were unsold. Next season £68??
    I will attend league games but can’t afford Cup games as well.

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