Saturday, March 2, 2024

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Aston Villa supporters actions

Aston Villa Fan Consultation Group meeting

A Supporter Charter to Improve Aston Villa Football Club

In the upcoming weeks and months Aston Villa supporters will be increasingly demonstrating their unhappiness with how their club is being run, but it...
Aston Villa Fan Consultation Group meeting

Tom Fox Admits Responsibility for This Season’s Failure (MOMS Exchange with Fox)

The Last Time At the start of last year Aston Villa CEO Tom Fox attended his first Aston Villa Supporter Trust AGM to do a...
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Aston Villa Supporter Open Letter: Thoughts on the Current Crisis Enveloping the Club

A tell tale sign that things aren't right at a football club is the emergence of supporter open letters being published in local newspapers...

More Transparency Needed by the FA to Justify Fining Aston Villa £200,000

'If I was the Villa CEO Tom Fox, I would appeal against the fine amount.'Not FineThe FA have found it fit in their wisdom...

How the Villa Park Pitch Celebrations Have Been Wrongly Scandalised.

'Villa supporters were on the pitch before the final whistle because they thought it was all over.' Precedent “Some people are on the pitch…they think it’s...
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Holte End Singing Section Trial set for the Rest of Season at Villa Park

Holte Gets New SectionAt the recent Aston Villa Supporters Trust AGM meeting with Tom Fox in February, MOMS asked Tom Fox and Nicola Keye...