Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Aston Villa Issue Statement on Tax Issues & Basically Admit to Lack of Existing...

HRMC Aston Villa today put out a short statement today (below) to say that it has at least come to an 'agreement' with HRMC to...
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A Lesson in Foresight and Opportunism at Aston Villa

Foresight into Villa Lets have a recap...before I do some articles on the Aston Villa financial meltdown, now that I've finally got some time to...
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Why the Chinese are interested in an Aston Villa Takeover

On Chinese New Year this year, MOMS dropped into Birmingham's Chinese Quarter to check out the festivities. As you'd expect, the dancing dragons and...
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Aston Villa Statement Confirms Chinese Buyout and New Owner’s Ambition

MOMS has already written some views about the Chinese takeover of Aston Villa, but now the club have now issued a full statement (see...