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My Old Man Said articles covering Randy Lerner, the Villa CEO, board and commercial business

aston villa naming rights

Was Aston Villa’s Transfer Window Spend Enough to Rebuild Successfully?

Hey Big Spender Only four teams in the Premier League have spent more money on players than Aston Villa this season. While some supporters will...
chinese influence in English football and aston villa

Chinese Takeover News Has Question Marks for Villa Supporters

Lets hope Villa are more than a metaphorical big game head in the Chinese football expansion trophy cabinet. Anybody with an eye for detail amongst the...

Rumoured Aston Villa Management Restructuring Would Grant Lambert More Time

The overall failure of Randy Lerner and his board is the root to the recent compromising of Aston Villa Football Club. There's been mismanagement on...
The Super League Villa Park

14 Premier League Clubs, Including Aston Villa, Determined to Punish Super League Six Executives

Super League Six Punishment Pending?According to Sky Sports, the 14 Premier League clubs not involved in the breakaway Super League remain resolute in...
aston villa naming rights

Good News From UEFA For Potential Aston Villa Buyers

After the Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations have been seen as a deterrent to potential investors in football clubs, Uefa have voted at its executive committee...
tom fox aston villa ceo

Tom Fox Leaving as Aston Villa CEO was the Only Option for Supporters

Axe Keeps Swinging After Hendrick Almstadt found his P45 waiting for him when he arrived back from his recent holiday in Dubai, it was the...