Vital Information Just in Case Aston Villa Win the FA Cup

Lets not get ahead of ourselves’, will be the first thing people will say upon reading this post, but hey, lets all try a bit of optimism for a change. If Villa win the FA Cup for the first time since 1957, they will qualify for Europe (there’s no European prize for teams finishing runner-up to a Champions League qualifying team any more) and they’ll benefit from a substantial increase in price money afforded to the Europa League from next season

UEFA Europa League Cash

The amount available every season for clubs participating in the UEFA Europa League as from the group stage onwards is forecasted at €381m in the 2015-18 cycle, compared to €233m in the 2012-15 cycle, thus representing a very substantial increase of around 65%.

This amount will be distributed to participating clubs on a 60:40 basis between fixed amounts and market pool, as applied already in the 2012-15 cycle.

Fixed amounts (€228.6m)

Each of the 48 clubs involved in the group stage will receive a group stage allocation of €2.4m.

On top of this, there will be performance bonuses: €360k for every win and €120k for every draw in the group stage. The winners of the groups will receive a qualification bonus of €500k and the runners-up of €250k.

The teams playing in the round of 32 will receive €500k each, the teams playing in the round of 16 will receive €750k each, the quarter-finalists €1m each and the semi-finalists €1.5m each. The UEFA Europa League winners will receive €6.5m and the runners-up €3.5m, inclusive of their ticketing revenue share.

A club could receive, at best, €15.31m, not counting the market pool share.



UEFA Europa League

Group Stage fee €2.4m

Group Stage performance €360k win / €120k draw

KO Qualification bonus €500k winners/€250k runners-up

Round of 32 €500k

Round of 16 €750k

Quarter-Finals €1m

Semi-Finals €1.5m

Final €6.5m winners / €3.5m runners-up

Market pool (€152.4m)

The amount of €152.4m will be distributed according to the proportional value of each TV market represented by the clubs taking part in the UEFA Europa League (group stage onwards) and be split among the clubs participating from a given association.

In accordance with the existing system, half of the amount representing the value of each market will be split among the clubs based on their performance in the previous domestic season and the other half will be broken down into as many shares as rounds of the competition and distributed to the clubs participating in the different rounds of the UEFA Europa League.

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Above information from UEFA website and photo of Brigada 1874



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