Legia Warsaw Hit With Major Fine and Ban After Villa Park Events

UEFA’S Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body met today to give their verdict on several recent European games that had experienced trouble. Top of the list was Aston Villa vs Legia Warsaw, which ended up with Legia Warsaw fans clashing with the West Midlands police, after the club and fans decided not to accept their allocated tickets.

Effectively, while it had been clear for several weeks Legia had an allocation of circa 1000, they demanded 2000 fans to be let in on the night.

Legia Warsaw fans will now face a five-game ban from UEFA matches for crowd disturbances outside Villa Park, acts of damage and the throwing of pyro amongst other objects. 46 Legia Warsaw fans were later charged after clashing with police.

They will also be fined €100,000, which tops the €80,000 they received when their fans clashed with police in Madrid in 2016. The club has previously received a series of UEFA fines in the past of between 10,000 to 50,000, for displaying what were deemed offensive tifo’s before European games.

Legia Warsaw were also given 30-days to contact Villa to also pay compensation for damages caused around Villa Park by its supporters.


UEFA’S Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body Report

Match: Aston Villa FC vs. Legia Warszawa (2:1), 30.11.2023, UEFA Europa Conference League 2023/2024

Charges against Legia Warszawa


The CEDB has decided:

To fine Legia Warszawa €100,000 and to ban Legia Warszawa from selling tickets to its away supporters for its next five (5) UEFA competition matches, for crowd disturbances, acts of damage, throwing of objects and lighting of fireworks.

To order Legia Warszawa to contact Aston Villa FC within 30 days for the settlement of the damages caused by its supporters, i.e. for the broken high fences and the broken lighting pole.


  1. I’ve heard from a very good source, the their club paid for all their fans who were arrested that night. Guessing their ultras are a big part of the club altogether

  2. Eastern European fans,stuck in the dark ages. But why wouldn’t they be when the clubs hierarchy insight, this trouble by demanding more tickets and not urging their fans to not go. Some of the challenges from Redstar players against city are shocking and again do not belong in modern football. Another example of eastern European trouble.

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