MOMS has already discussed what Carlos Sanchez brings to the table at Villa. First of all, it’s good to see a player coming in that fans can be genuinely excited about, a signing of our own, if you like, rather than some lower Premier League team cast off. Sanchez had a decent World Cup after helping Colombia into the quarter-finals (he now has 48 caps for Colombia) and hopefully he’ll carry on that form into his career at Villa Park.

The 28-year-old defensive midfielder’s previous clubs include: Uruguayan clubs Danubio and River Plate Montevideo, French Ligue 1 club Valenciennes (six years from 2007) and Elche in La Liga (last season).

Carlos Sanchez Interview Quotage

The Juan Pablo Angel effect

“It was always my aim to play in this country and in this league and I know Villa well as Juan Pablo [Angel] also played here. I began to watch Villa games when he came in 2001. He was a goalscorer who was very important to this club and I followed his time here because he was always scoring goals.

“Since I was a boy I have always followed English football, particularly teams where Colombians have played. When I had the chance to come to this club I had no doubts because I know this is a big club in the Premier League.

Feeling Needed

“The most important thing for me was that the manager really wanted me to come here. That was most important in my mind, but I’m very excited also about walking onto the Villa Park pitch and playing in front of our fans.

“I am looking forward to this and I am looking forward to getting to know my teammates. I have a feeling this is a real family club and I am looking forward to experiencing the atmosphere in the dressing room.

Colombian confidence

“For me, it was an immense experience to play in the World Cup for Colombia and this has given me confidence. I think it is because of the World Cup that I am here.

Makelele Inspiration

“English football is the most complete and rounded game and I always looked up to Chelsea’s Claude Makelele.

“He was different from the others, he played a very important role in the team and everybody spoke about him. I was in the same position when I was young and I watched him all the time.

“I then played against him during my time in France which was an unforgettable experience, especially as I was able to swap my shirt with him after the game – and I still have the shirt!

Getting to Know You

“My new teammates are my friends now and I will get to know them really well. Also the supporters, I want to get to know well, too, and build a strong bond with them. I will give everything, this is my commitment to the team.”


The Lambert line

Carlos the Experienced Coup

“Carlos is a very experienced professional who played a prominent role in a Colombian team which captured everyone’s imagination at this summer’s World Cup in Brazil. He’s a great coup for Villa.

Skill Set

“He does the simple things really well and he’s excellent at spotting the danger, dealing with it and keeping it simple.

“His physical strength, too, is something we will benefit from in the middle of the pitch and his role will be a really important one for the team.

In Demand

“We’ve beaten other teams to bring him here to Villa and I’m delighted as we needed someone of his ilk to come in. He’ll be an excellent player for the Club.”


We wish Sanchez all the best and lets hope he has the best years of his career with us. He’s already one of MOMS’ favourite current Villa players. UTV




  1. Thank you Mr. Lerner, and well done to Paul Lambert given the player’s quote about being wanted. My only niggle is Colombia were a very physical side in the WC, and if he may pick up a few cards in the Prem. Glad to see him arrive.

  2. Great to have him at villa, shame the deal couldnt have been completed earlier to give him the chance to play against stoke

    • Considering La Liga are behind on preseason and he played in the World Cup, I don’t think Sanchez will be up-to-speed for a week or two, so he probably wouldn’t have played against Stoke, even if deal was completed a few days ago.

  3. I think part of the excitement about this signing is that he’s an unknown quantity to a certain degree… As opposed to the ex prem lads who we all have pre-determined opinions of based on what we’ve already seen at other clubs… Given the World Cup Columbia had and the fact Sanchez plays in a position we’ve badly needed to address for a few years, I think it’s certainly got potential to be our best signing of the summer and possibly since Benteke… Maybe just maybe with one more before deadline day, we might look ahead with a bit more optimism this year… UTV!!!

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