It’s an often forgotten fact that Paul Lambert has actually been seeking a ‘midfield presense’ to bolster the foundations of his team since he took over as manager. The right player has eluded him so far, whether from being unavailable at the time or the Villa board being unable to tempt their man to Villa Park.

Any Villa supporter will tell you the midfield is where the current Villa team have been compromised in recent seasons and it’s a position that finally needs addressing for Villa to kick-on.

There’s been various rumoured players to solve the dilemma but nothing has ever materialised despite the rabid froth of rumours. The latest candidate is Elche defensive-midfielder Carlos Sanchez who recently did a decent job for the Colombian national team in the World Cup.

We live in a world now where news of a club’s inquiry into a player can be leak and then gather moss via Twitter and the tabloids until it’s a full-blown transfer rumour that fans will desperately search the net for any internet story (no matter how tenuous)  to support their wishful thinking. Ki & Kiyotake were both done-deals to Villa in the Twitter-verse.

Latest news on Sanchez

With that cautionary note in mind, Elche-related internet sources indicate that Sanchez hasn’t trained for a couple of days with the Spanish team and a €4.7 million deal is on the cards for him to join Villa, sooner rather than later.

While a third-party ownership group controls part of the player’s rights, Villa would have been aware of this and it might be a case of having to cross a few more palms with silver first, before they get their man. It’s a situation far from unique with South American players.

Remember the stink the same issue caused with Tevez and Mascherano? If the deal is to break down, it could be because of that.

Sanchez will unlikely get a better chance to play in the Premier League, so I’m sure he will be willing the move on, and it could happen this week.



Will he be any good?

The truth be told, we don’t really know if he”ll come up trumps at Villa. I wouldn’t read too much into these ‘he’s just what Villa need’ blog articles, because most of the writers are simply making up their insights after a quick Google search and guess-work.

Sanchez now 28-years-old has plied his trade recently for the very average La Liga team Elche and his kudos mainly comes from playing for a talented Colombian team in the recent World Cup (in above picture in red vs Brazil). You could have watched all of Columbia’s games in the tournament and merely even noticed Sanchez, due to his subdued and principled role in midfield, that allowed the Colombian’s exciting forward-play to flourish.

He would be a good signing in the theory to most fans due to the fact Villa need a DM and here’s one who was a World Cup quarter-finalist in that position. If he does sign for Villa, how will he do in the faster-paced Premier League remains to be seen.

You could argue that Jean Makoun came to Villa with better credentials and experience than Sanchez and he wasn’t really given a chance after not being up to speed with the league initially.

If Sanchez proves to have the engine, sharpness and physicality to protect Villa’s backline, then he could be the signing of the summer…if it happens.



  1. press comment is based on who the reporter last got drunk with. The key point is that MOMS is right, Lambert has been looking for a DM since he came. Petrov was reasonable in the role, we miss him. Barry even better. I don’t think anyone of that quality will come, but we need someone.

    Seeing Karim, Ashley and Fabian trying to defend in midfleld is painful. Good lads, but not their talent. Spurs scored against us after Ashley simply got shouldered off the ball. So as Sylla did not fit the bill lets hope someone can come in to guard the back four.

    I did hope Christ HErd would do it, aggressive and muscular, but apparently not.

    FIngers crossed for a signing then hope for the right one.

    trevor Fisher

  2. The Sun reports today that Lambert doesn’t want him, while others report medical is booked… Choose your poison!

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