Brewster’s Link to Aston Villa Has a Logic Where Wesley is Concerned

Rumoured Aston Villa Striker Loan

One of the less hyped Aston Villa transfer rumour links this week was Aston Villa’s name being mentioned in a list of clubs that could be interested in a loan move for Liverpool striker prospect Rhian Brewster. The 20-year-old had a successful loan period last season at Swansea City, scoring 11 goals in 22 games after joining the Swans in January.

Jurgen Klopp has no designs on selling him, but may be keen to ramp up his development with a loan spell in the Premier League.

Why would Villa actually be interested in taking another club’s young starlet on loan at this stage?

Well, you’d expect Villa to be above such short-term ventures, if they have real designs on progressing in the Premier League and returning to the top half of the league.

Villa’s loan of Tammie Abraham from Chelsea, while they were in the Championship served a purpose of helping the team get promoted, but ultimately it left a hole to fill once the loan was up.

Short-term Plan

While Villa will want to be developing their own players now, there is a shred of logic in getting Brewster in, at least in the short-term. A loan for Brewster up until the winter transfer window would allow Villa to at least cover Wesley’s rehabilitation.

With Villa’s Brazilian forward expected to miss the rest of the year, Villa would cover the Brazilian’s absence with a motivated and talented player, and get around needing to buy an extra striker in, on top of mooted target Ollie Watkins.

Brewster is certainly a confident player, although some Liverpool fans have pointed to him being a little too cocky for his age.

“I don’t really want to go on loan,” Brewster said recently, before rationalising, “but if that’s the best thing for me to do, to go away and get more game time, then that’s what I’m going to do.”

Going to Villa for the first part of the season makes sense both the player and Liverpool. It’ll get him potentially more game time and he’d thus be better prepared to help Liverpool, if they have a fixture pile-up later on in the season. Alternately, they could reassess the situation and loan him out again from January, most likely to a Championship side like last season.

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The rumour mill have linked Brewster with the likes of Newcastle, Brighton, Fulham and Crystal Palace, but it’s uncertain how legit their interest actually is. The Championship perhaps seems more likely, if he was going to go on loan for the season.

Villa were allegedly interested in Brewster at the start of the year, before he joined Swansea. If that interest was true, then the player’s successful period at Swansea, where he helped their late surge into the play-offs, would have only reinforced Dean Smith’s interest in the player.

Considering Villa were forced to play games last season without any available strikers, even if the Brewster-Villa link doesn’t have legs, it does spotlight that such a loan move maybe good diligence on Villa’s part to cover Wesley’s rehabilitation, on top of getting another striker in.


Looking at the Transfer Picture So Far…


  1. Now now Colin and Phil…….you are bringing back memories for me of El Ghazi and Mings arguing on the pitch last season… we don’t want any of that again do we!!

    It’s a shame transfers take so long to happen nowadays, the introduction of agents has spoilt transfers for me (just the length of time it takes to complete a signing) although I obviously understand why this happens.

    Clearly we need to prioritise a striker that can put the ball in the net as that is a massive weakness presently. That said I genuinely think Wesley will come good so I think the original article suggesting Brewster isn’t a bad option and shouldn’t be ruled out.

    Overall the hardest thing about the premiership has to be your first year back in it, the difference between it and the Championship is huge. The players and the staff will be better for last seasons experience and know the benchmark.

    I am very confident the board and the managerial team will improve the team in the right areas ensuring the club is run in good financial order (we don’t want to have to deal with that again do we!!) and this next season will see us consolidate last as we continue to grow into one of the elite teams again.

  2. Samatta will come good. I have a feeling that academy players will be given a chance to prove themselves. That is why Lange was brought in. We have wasted a lot of money on strikers over the past few seasons. Apart from Benteke,none has really convinced. The transfer window is open until mid October. I think we have to be patient with the board. I for one would not be too fussed if we fail to sign a striker.

  3. I agree with Colin to some extent. Owners with enough money will generally spend it at the start, whilst we’re on the up, and look to give things a real go for a few years before possibly they get bored or fail to hit the jackpot. With our owners and current position, I expect we’ll sign people. Several villa sides of recent years have been reliant on one main goalscorer, and until we get a brilliant squad together, nailing the right signing here has to be the priority.

    It’s frustrating, but apart from the likes of Chelsea, a lot of clubs seem to be still working behind the scenes at the moment.

  4. Phil. I won’t respond or take the bait by throwing insults your way I believe that we are all entitled to our opinions, and that includes you, if the club are happy to publicly state there is 100 m to spend on players then so be it.
    There are people that don’t realise that pL football is big business and in business there is no room for sentiment and at times you have to be ruthless. There are loads of Villa fans out there shouting pay the money and get the job done and whether you like it or not I agree with them and that won’t change, and insults just bounce off, so save your breath.

  5. How blasé you are Colin with the clubs money. You have no idea what financial pressures the club my have but as long as they throwing money at someone your ok. You’d be up in arms howling why, if we do what you suggest and come into financial difficulty. Maybe it’s time for some fans to support the team and leave what they clearly know fuckall about to those that get paid to do it. It also stops you appearing as a moaning bitch

  6. Think Rashica deal is dead, he wants Champions league. The side issue is by showing the right sort of signings Jack may be convinced into staying. So for me the £40m for Edoard at Celtic is a statement of intent, and a 20 goal a season proper striker. By all means by the 2 boys from Brentford but for me let’s spend big on a proven striker.

  7. We’re faffing around And hesitating again Weston Mc kennie says he wants to sign so for 20 m get it done now, why are we offering 18 m for Watkins when Brentford have valued him at 25 m. If this is the difference between staying up and being relegated it’s a no brainer so get it done now. Someone wants to get the Rashica situation sorted one way or the other if he’s available and wants to play for us get that done if not move on. All this talk about a loan striker to cover for Wesley is a load of rubbish we don’t want any more loan players and in truth we don’t want Wesley he’s no where near PL standard at his best, we’re doing what we always do talk about it until it’s too late, the players are back in training and we need new quality signings now give them time to gel with their new team mates. Come on Villa our future in the PL depends on this window don’t let others beat us to it, and only quality players will keep us where we want to be, a proven quality striker we all agree is desperately needed, we offered little or no threat up front all last season that needs to be addressed as a top priority so pay the money and get the job done. This is my opinion but Harry Wilson is not good enough to be our main striker we need better quality.
    And we need them right now.

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