Blunt Villa Need to Find Spark and Cutting Edge Again

Blunt Villa Blades Match Reaction

There was a distinct feeling of deflation and frustration after Aston Villa’s 1-0 loss to a 10-men bottom of the table Sheffield United team. It was a Villa performance that showcased too many of the worrying trends we’ve seen so far from the team in 2021.

While there obviously has been wholesale improvement on last season, the magical balance between defence and attack, that Dean Smith had gained successfully earlier in the season seems lost. While the Villa defence remains one of the best in the league, the attack has long lost its sparkle and cutting edge – with or without Jack Grealish.

When you consider some of the poor finishing that Villa have been guilty of over the past few months, the failure to get a player in to share the load with Watkins (with Wesley looking like he’ll miss most of the season), it has ultimately been the difference between Villa having a good season to great season.

Certainly this season was a real opportunity, after the team’s great start, that they may kick themselves for not taking it come the end of the season. The loss against the Blades, added to just gaining two points from four games against Burnley and Brighton, will ultimately have been the un-doing to more lofty ambitions, when they look back at the end of the season.

In episode 138.5 of the My Old Man Said podcast (see below) the MOMS team give their match reaction to the 1-0 lose at Sheffield United that typified what’s been happening on the pitch in recent weeks.

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