If Benteke can Dance in Zagreb, he can Play at Villa Park

A dancing Christian Benteke looks good for imminent Villa Park return


There’s an old Croatian saying that dates back to the day of Bosko Balaban. It’s engraved in a pavement slab at a tram stop in Zagreb’s main square. Roughly translated into English, it says:  ‘If you can dance in Zagreb, you’re fit enough to play for the Villa’.

If you’ve never heard it before, that’s because I’ve just made it up. If it was true, then Balaban obviously was never considered a good dancer in his homeland.

On Friday night there was much dancing in Zagreb, as  the impressive Belgian national team beat Croatia 2-1 away to book their passage to the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. As I mentioned previously, such is the Belgian team spirit, injured players such as Villa’s Christian Benteke and Manchester United’s Fellaini were taken to Croatia in spirit of the team unity the Red Devils are building.

The full-time whistle brought jubilant scenes as the Belgian players arm-in-arm took to the pitch to celebrate, making their way to dance for joy in front of their traveling fans.

Check out the video below, as Christian Benteke is clearly fit enough to dance, which can only be good news for Aston Villa, as he’s also got to be fit enough to play against Spurs in a week’s time.



Also impressive in the video is Romelu ‘Not Good Enough for Chelsea’ Lukaku leading the players and fans into song. He looks like a good lad as well as a decent player. Benteke will certainly have a fight on his hands to be their number one striker for the World Cup, which means he’ll be extra keen to impress his national boss while playing for Villa. If Belgium found a formation to play both Benteke and Lukaku, god help the rest of the teams in the World Cup.

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