Aston Villa’s EFL Financial Percentage in the Championship Set to Drop

Share the Wealth

Ironically in a week where there was further talk of the top six in the Premier League wanting a bigger share of the TV rights pie, the EFL have been discussing taking a fairer approach to those at the bottom of the football ladder.

The proposals were presented to all 72 Clubs at the EFL’s Summer Conference 2018 this week, and follows an agreement by the EFL Board that the matter of how the EFL shares the revenue it generates could be amended to increase the certainty of additional income for League One and League Two Clubs, if an agreed direction of travel can be reached.

The EFL has stated:

The opportunity to reassess the current model has arisen, in part, due to the need to determine how Domestic Streaming Revenue will be distributed in the long-term once the full value of the proposition is understood following its launch in 2018/19 and ahead of the new EFL broadcast deal coming into force in 2019/20.

How it Impacts on Villa

If adopted, the shift in distribution percentages (see below) would come into play in the 2019/20 season onwards. How that affects Aston Villa now has a wide spectrum of possibilities due to the recent revelations of their financial plight.

They could still get promoted next season, thus it’ll be irrelevant. If they stay in the Championship there would be a slight drop (almost 3%) in the percentage share than previous seasons (although actual revenue should be up). Or, if the slashed relegation odds next season are to be believed, they could even benefit from the improved percentages that potentially will be offered to League One teams.

An EFL statement on the breakdowns, states the following:

Current projections for the distribution formula in 2019/20 based on the existing Articles, which are adjusted for RPI, have been calculated at 71.15% in the Championship, 17.16% in League One and 11.69% in League Two.

The EFL introduced two initial proposals that take into account the various income potential and expenditure factors and would look to fix the distribution formula at either the 2016/17 levels of 68.51% in the Championship, 18.70% League One and 12.79% in League Two OR move to a new split of 66.66% in the Championship, 20% in League One and 13.34% in League Two.

The actual EFL Board are neutral on the issue and after further consideration and discussion process, a potential vote on a formula change could happen towards the end of 2018.

Any change would need the support of at least 75% of the EFL’s 72 clubs.



Aston Villa’s current financial uncertainty seems to have influenced supporters feelings to the current manager Steve Bruce despite his failure to get the club promoted so far.

MOMS is currently running the below FB poll to see how it compares with the recent one done by the Birmingham Mail, which saw Bruce with a 61% approval rating in terms of carrying on next season.


  1. xia needs to sell asap for us to have any hope of keeping grealish, its as if xia has carried on the work of the evil tom fox. as for bruce he will be a fish out of water working with the young players and get us relegated imo. id also go for dean smith

  2. Quite honestly, I was warning on BM of the need for a squad cull months ago. A Championship club just cannot carry a forty odd man squad, paying the wages and fees at inflated levels on a long term basis. Much of our current problems stem from the insistence of buying not one, but THREE expensive strikers and then following that up with inflated pay packets for the likes of Lansbury, Whelan et al.

    As for Bruce. Well, his last wave of recruits (not loanees) hardly made any difference to on-field performance. His handling of naughty boy McCormack only served to diminishthe player’s re-sale value and attraction. Add to that, his negative, inflexible play, lack of tactical nous, open check book style of management and his backing of an ageing sycophant (who shall remain nameless), should all readily lead me to a firm conclusion; ‘he has to go now!’ Yet, and yet, that nagging feeling that some form of stability is needed in the midst of the club’s biggest crisis still prevails…………….

    No, pull yourself together, man. Dean Smith all the way!

  3. Thought Why cant Dr Xi buy Grealish for 40 Mill and own him personaly or via an outside subsiduary of Recon and lend him back to the Villa for two years if sold then he would make a profit and Villa would solve their cah crisis now and march onwards with hope other playersare owned via other people in Argentina and this way third party ownersip wont exist and loan deals are common

  4. Personally not a Bruce fan but can’t see that it’s going to make a hell of a lot of difference, if we are to believe what we read we are going to struggle to stay in the Championship and if we loose Grealish, Chester, green, and Davis as reported we probably will end up in div 1, I’m gutted with all of this our owner and manager have sold us down the river and in honesty the players are not blameless either. A Villa supporter for a long long time but can’t believe what’s happening now it beggars belief.

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