Aston Villa Opener a Sell Out, After Being Labelled with Lowest Category

Sell Out

Tottenham Hotspur announced that their opening fixture at the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (MOMS prefers the name White Hart Lane) against Aston Villa of the 2019/20 campaign has sold out in less than 24hrs, after tickets went on sale to One Hotspur members (think Claret Members) on Monday.

From MOMS point-of-view, you couldn’t pick a better game to open Villa’s campaign back in the Premier League, than at the league’s newest stadium, in front of a 62,000 sell out.

With Villa’s last competitive match being at Wembley Stadium, it’ll no doubt serve as a comparable experience to help go straight into the deep end against the Champions’ League runners-up.

Villa will be something of an unknown force to themselves, never mind the opposition, so to play one of the more difficult fixtures straight off the bat, is no bad timing.

Lack of Respect?

One thing Villa seemingly will need to do is build back their respect in the league, after Spurs’ listed the fixture to their supporters in the lowest level /priced category – ‘Category C’.

There’s only five teams making up the bottom category, with Villa included amongst the likes of Norwich City, Sheffield United, Bournemouth and Burnley.

The five ‘Category A’ teams are obvious, with ‘Category B’ now made up with the likes of Wolves, Watford, Brighton and Southampton. Are they bigger than Villa? We don’t even need to go there.

Judging by Spurs perception of Villa, it seems three years in the Championship was too long, although saying that, no doubt the lowest category is afforded to all promoted teams.

They say it takes one to know one…so since Spurs only came runners-up in the European Cup last season, maybe we can forgive them for not remembering who we actually are.

I’m sure we’ll remind them with a certain song come August 10th.


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  1. I suspect that Spurs not giving us at least a tad of respect is just what we need..Time will tell. after 90. A Draw.

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