11th Minute Applause Planned By Aston Villa Supporters

Yesterday, one of the funniest Tweets of the day was the suggestion of an 11th minute applause at Villa Park to ironically celebrate the amount of goals Paul Lambert’s Aston Villa had managed to score this season..

11th minute applause

For the sake of a good-humoured protest towards what has been happening on the pitch under Paul ‘Statistical Nightmare’ Lambert, it’s not a bad idea, and a lot of fans were up for doing it.

However, obviously the one-minute applause tribute is something that has become a heart-warming tribute synonymous with Villa supporters and it would be wrong to cheapen that in any way. Also, some fans feel it may also upset the players (despite the fact they have contributed to the reason of the applause).

Another problem is with the amount of tumbleweed that is expected at Villa Park for the FA Cup tie between Villa and Blackpool (partly due to the two club’s shocking goalscoring record), there won’t be many supporters around to do the ironic applause protest.

So how can we avoid wasting a good idea?


The best idea is for Aston Villa supporters to do the 11th minute applause in the comfort of their own home or wherever they happen to be at 15.11 today during the 3rd round FA Cup tie between Villa and Blackpool.

if certainly worth giving this subtle protest a go, before we have to resort to more visual methods in the stadium like this earlier idea of MOMS.


1. Any Villa fans who are expecting to be driving on a road at 15.11, are advised to pull over at 15.10, so they can do the applause safely and not endanger other motorists.

2. Any Villa fans who work on Sundays and do jobs that could potentially endanger lives by clapping at 15.11 today, i.e. heart surgeons , are advised to take appropriate precautions.

Get Out Clause

Since Villa supporters are decent sports, we’ll give Lambert the chance to avoid being on the receiving end of this applause. If his Villa team can score in the first 10 minutes of the game, the 11th minute applause will be cancelled.

Now there’s an incentive for the Villa boys to come flying out the blocks to entertain the brave souls that will be attending the game today.


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  1. I don’t really like the booing or calls for the manager’s head coming from our own supporters. Humour and irony get the message across without potentially upsetting the lads. That minute’s applause could become a target for the squad, get an early goal and it becomes a twelfth minute’s applause. The squad then push for goals to shut us up, all done with smiles of course. It would be nice to hear what the players think, we do need them to join in. Maybe we’ll end up one season having a ninetieth minute’s applause, with six games to go. I dream.

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