Why Did Diego Carlos and Boubacar Kamara Sign for Aston Villa?

A Rational Look at Aston Villa’s Big Signings

Many Aston Villa signings in recent transfer windows have followed a similar script. A ton of hyped content from the usual suspects on social media, who shill the players using inane stats and isolated clips, telling you the player is going to be great for Villa and take us onto the next level.

If the player is arriving from an overseas club, it’s a safe bet that these ‘content creators’ haven’t actually watched the player play much, if at all. In a lot of a cases, they probably only heard of them once their name is initially linked to Villa. But after a few Google, YouTube and Wikipedia searches, they are projecting rabid giddiness about the player.

There’s a lack of rational thinking, because blind enthusiastic positivity and hype brings home the ‘likes’ and views.

It’s kind of humiliating, but that’s their problem.

Unfortunately, most of the time, we know how it ends up. After a fews games of actually watching the player perform in a Villa shirt, reality kicks in and the hype soon evaporates. Come the next transfer window, the same people have moved on to another player that they’re telling you will be an upgrade on the very same player they previously hyped.

It’s a vicious circle, but you’re always hoping that players will buck the trend and stick around to at least be hyped by these people for their real achievements on the pitch for Villa.

Incoming this window are two players who have already had loan spells at the club, so both Philippe Coutinho and Robin Olsen have some Villa context already. No hype needed and any strengths and weaknesses are reasonably realised now (although we’ve only seen 90 minutes from Olsen).

Game Changers?

It is the duo of Diego Carlos and Boubacar Kamara that Villa will be mainly relying on to improve the team’s fortunates next season. Broadly speaking there are a lot of obvious attributes the duo potentially bring to the Villa squad, despite them being untested in the Premier League.

It’s always healthier to take a more rational approach when first considering new signings, so in the second part of the latest My Old Man Said podcast we play a little devil’s advocate and question why both of the players have ended up at Villa, beyond the financial side of things.

If these players are both top class talents, why choose Aston Villa at this point in time of their career? After all, Villa just finish only 14th in the Premier League. Could they have maybe made a move to the Premier League to play for a top six team? Or why didn’t they want to play in the Champions League next season?

It’s interesting to look at it from a player’s point of view and we look at why Villa could potentially be punching above their weight in the transfer market so far.


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  1. The answer is simple they want to play and test themselves in the biggest league in the world also Aston villa can afford the wages and also they want to play under Gerrard I started to read the post it was boring I had to skip to the end but the answer is simple

    • The post is to lead you to the podcast that actually discusses it in proper detail (hence why it’s marked ‘podcast’) and it’s not as ‘boringly’ simple as you make out. Why didn’t Diego Carlos go to a Top Six team earlier? He’s 29-years-old and not an unknown quantity. Also, most PL teams can afford both players. Villa finished 14th under Gerrard, so it’s not obviously the ‘G-factor’.

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