86: What’s Holding a Competitive Aston Villa Team Back From Being Winners?

While Aston Villa continue to make short work of weaker teams in the League Cup, the bread and butter of Premier League football is proving to be a tougher task.

This new and young Villa team have shown they are not out of their depth in the league and have been competitive in all of their six league matches, but they have ultimately fallen shy of the amount of wins they perhaps should have gained. The recent failings against 10-men West Ham and Arsenal being the main case in point.

On the latest My Old Man Said podcast we look back at the prime example of Arsenal and why Villa gave up the lead twice to Arsenal’s 10-men to ultimately lose the game 3-2.

Also, we grade Villa captain Jack Grealish for his season so far and look at how Dean Smith can help Villa get over the line in games, when they’ve been in decent positions.

While the team may be a couple of striking options short, supporters will have seen enough so far to keep them optimistic for the season, despite a bottom three league table position. Is it just a case of being more ruthless and will there naturally be improvement anyway, as the team gains familiarity through playing more games with each other?

We’ll no doubt find out in the upcoming three games against Burnley (h), Norwich (a) and Brighton (h).

In the meantime, give it a listen and see below for ways to follow the show more closely.


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Episode 86 Notes

Frustration builds for a competitive Aston Villa side that should have picked up more wins than just one from their six league games so far. Managing to lose against Arsenal, after being 1-0 up and a man up at half-time, is their most worrisome effort yet.

David, Dan and Chris look back at events at the Emirates Stadium and try to process what had begun as Villa’s most impressive performance this season to the team’s most spectacular collapse.

We look at the questions of in-game management and why it went wrong for Villa, plus look at the impact (or lack of) of certain Villa players. We also grade Jack Grealish’s season so far.

Beyond the Villa-verse we travel to India…from Oxford, to take a look at the curious case of Kashif Siddiqi and his move to Real Kashmir, we also discuss the Blues fine from the Jack Grealish incident of last season, before flagging up the rise of a young Norwegian giant taking the Champions League by storm. Oh, and there’s another update from our Iranian news desk.



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Dan Rodgers – @avfc_vilr

Chris Budd – @BUDD_music

Producer/Editor – David Michael

Iranian News Desk – Dan Rodgers

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  1. Deano needs to learn how to manage in this league ASAP… v Burnley play a 4-2-3-1 Let Nakamba and Luiz destroy any attacks in front of our back 4 and allow McGin/ Hourihane and Grealish to push up in support of Wes.

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