What Should Have Happen on Deadline Day for Aston Villa…

Deadline Day Anti-climax

While Sky Sports and associated media still try to hype Deadline Day as some defining football calendar event, it’s fast lost its lustre, in the eyes of Aston Villa supporters. After the ‘Lights Are Still On’ Simon Dawkins signing, it was never going to be the same.

If a club is relying on it to bring in players, then it’s a sure sign that club is desperate and playing catch-up with its transfer plans.

Thankfully, Purslow, Lange, Smith and co, despite delays with the Ollie Watkins deal, have managed to do their business in an orderly fashion. They may have paid a little more at times, then perhaps they would have liked, but reading between the lines, they have ultimately turned their backs on players and agents, who wanted to fill their pockets with inflated wages and fees.

But are there still short-comings in the Villa match day squad?

Red Herrings?

As expected, there was no incomings for Aston Villa on the last day of the transfer window, although the EFL window of October 16th will no doubt see the clickbaiters try to link Villa with the likes of Josh King, Ismaila Sarr and Said Benrahma. You’d like to think, any of these players, would have been Villa players now, if Villa were actually interested in doing a deal.

The extended window is more likely to be used to try and offload on loan any fringe players. Surely the likes of Henri Lansbury can find a club somewhere, even if Villa have to pay for most of his wages?

Villans Views

So, in terms of remaining needs, we asked members of The Mad Few Facebook group, that is made up of listeners of the My Old Man Said podcast, to give their opinion on what should have perhaps happened on Deadline Day or in the next week or so.

Is there is any unfinished business that Villa supporters felt needs doing, that maybe the Championship market can take care of?

Back-up striker? What about Troy Deeney? *

* That was a joke.


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What Villa Needed on Deadline Day…

Swapping Lansbury for a purple dildo? – Mark Matthews

I’m not expecting anything more, but would be delighted to see a LB come in and a back up forward on loan. Would be good to move El Ghazi and Elmo on, think their time is up. – Craig Wright

Coming in still, I’d hope another striker, possibly Eduardo if they want to stump up the cash, Abraham would be dreamland! It’d be great to get Benrahma in, but with Barkley coming in it might signal Jack being preferred still on the left.

We’re still short on cover in a few areas namely LB and ST. Possibly another defender, midfielder and striker still to come, but 2 of 3 is almost necessary as we showed there isn’t a huge amount of quality in reserve. – Andy Soden

The obvious one being a striker, I also think a LB, but I think this may be in January if needed. Also a CB, same reason as up front if any injuries or suspension. – Victoria Jane

We desperately need some quality in the LB position. I was trawling around some sites looking for potential as opposed to superstars who wouldn’t look twice at us. Max Clark at Arnhem and formerly of Hull might be a shout. His stats seem pretty good. I’ve never seen him play mind  – Matt Deakin

[In terms of] Deadline Day/s, I still feel we are a striker short, so hopefully we see one come through the door – Shaun Carroll

I’d like us to be in a position where our business is in hand and we can focus on the season ahead rather than lamenting what we could have had. – Paul Lee

We need another striker. If Watkins gets injured, we’re in big trouble. – David Grimmett

Some of the players that have played well and bad over recent cup games to leave on loan or transfer and be replaced in the future by some of the excellent youth recruitment coming through. – Matt Dingle

Hopes for the EFL deadline day is to move on as much of the unnecessary players from the books. Players we know aren’t in favour/ won’t add squad depth and are taking up places for the your to develop in. May only be 1-3 players but that’s better than none – Adrian Fowler

We need a backup striker. I really hope we have learned from our naivety last season. What if Watkins were to get injured. We are left with Davis and nobody else? I still think we are also short at centre back and left-back. – Thomas William Lintern

Try and get a few off the books, but there’s no need to rush in to buy on deadline day, unless one of the players already identified by Lange etc becomes a possibility. Don’t spend simply for the sake of it. – Richard Fretwell

I’m hoping for a second striker on loan till the next window, when we start to welcome Wesley back. If we can’t do that, then I’d like a back-up centre back in the mould of a ‘Tuanzebe’. – Dale Allan

We still need competition for LB and replacement for Samatta – Phillip Howcroft

I have no particular expectations for deadline day. I’m happy to trust the management team and see how the new signings perform over the season, although the Carabao Cup match against Stoke showed that our 2nd string team remains pretty weak – Dan Clint

If nothing is done then we can have no complaints. Back-up defender and striker for injuries would be a bonus. Be good to ship out players who now are not deemed good enough, harder said than done. – Alan Hipkiss

We’ll be fine if we don’t do anymore business this window. – Patrick O. Young


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  1. I saw Tuenzebe mentioned as a loan, which I don’t disagree with, but if he can’t get into that MU defence what’s gone wrong, or are Villa fan’s looking through rose tinted glasses.
    Imo a backup striker would be useful but a CB is the more important loan/purchase.
    Move out El-Gazi, Lansbury, Hause, Kalanic.
    The hardest decision is what to do with Davis, keep as back up or loan out to Championship to develop by playing every week

  2. I assume colleagues do not know Troy Deeney is a bluenose. No thanks.

    Elmo is in the last year of his contract and has much to offer. Given that he played centre back recently I am not keen to see him moved on. The squad is thin with experienced prem players and Elmo has leadership qualities. How many captains of Egypt have been in the prem? Keep him on

    trevor fisher

  3. Rico Henry and Benrahma before 16th then call it a day and blood some of our own youngsters.UTV

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