What Aston Villa Will be Playing With Now They’re Still a Premier League Team

Nike Flight Premier League Skills Ball

When Nike put out their announcement earlier in the month about their new ball that would grace the Premier League 2020/21 season, there was a chance it would be irrelevant to Aston Villa players come September 12, when the new season kicked off.

Fast-forward to today and one Great Escape later, and we can cast our eyes back on that Nike ball and find out what fun word has been invented to describe the technology it uses to be the ‘best ball ever’ this time round.

Nike claim their Nike Flight Premier League Skills Ball will offer a 30% more consistent flight to previous balls, due to improved aerodynamics from both the ball’s moulded grooves and…wait for it… Nike Aerowsculpt technology.

‘The two work alongside a 12-panel design for true and accurate ball flight, while the its machine-stitched casing ensures durability,’ claimed the Nike press release.

Let’s hope the ball brings better fortunes in the Premier League next season for Villa than last season’s ball did.

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  1. Look a nice ball which is more than can be said for the Kappa concept shirts terrible looking things surely anyone could design a better strip, don’t think the club should accept .
    Quick mention about the Spanish ex QPR player who has scored 3 goals in 37 outings, why are we even considering him we need to aim much higher if we want to consolidate our position in the PL don’t want to appear negative after our great escape but noes our chance to make amends for our previous mistakes, the biggest being our lack of fire power all season long absolutely no goal threat

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