Walsall Tribute Banner Arrangements and Fundraiser

Walsall Three Tribute Banner

As you may have seen on MOMS social media channels, MOMS members and followers helped raise the money for 17-year-old Villan Charlie Cox’s Walsall Tribute Banner to honour the three Walsall fans that tragically lost their lives in the Tunisia attacks. As per usual, we all managed to raise the money with minimal fuss achieving the amount within 48 hours.

MOMS spoke to Walsall FC to make sure they know it’s coming (the good news is they haven’t banned it!).

If anybody is in block H in the Community Stand (where the Villa supporters are), if they could help Charlie out (he’s down the front) by holding up the 18ft x 6ft banner before the start of the game when the teams come out, that would be much appreciated.

We’ve been informed the first two rows of the Community Stand will be netted off, so the banner can be placed on there during the game along with any other flags you want to bring.

[Express & Star article on tribute banner]



Walsall Fan Fundraiser Message

MOMS was at the Football Supporters Federation Supporter Summit in Manchester at the weekend and a Walsall fan Steve Davis came up to us to chat because he’d heard about the tribute banner.

First of all, he wanted to, on behalf of Walsall fans, place on record “thanks to the Villa fans for the excellent work regarding the banner”.

The youngest of the family to get shot was Joel Richards, 19, and Steve informed us that Joel in his spare time was referee within the Birmingham County FA and that Joel’s refereeing colleagues have got together and created a 1000 wristbands to rise money for the family via the Joel Richards just giving page that was set up for them.


joel richards wristband


The band says ‘Keep calm and smile like Joel, together we achieve more’. The bands will be on sale at the game on Saturday, with a minimum donation of £1 requested.

Free Pair of Match Tickets 

A very generous MOMS reader has given us a pair of tickets to give away, as he now can’t make the match. So lets do a quick ‘flash’ competition. The automated draw will be made at 10.30am in the morning, so the tickets can be sent out in time.

UPDATE: COMPETITION WINNER -Jamal Khan (after a redraw due to the original winner not being able to make it)   

[Please wait for competition details to load]

Pair of Aston Villa Away Tickets for Walsall

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  1. yes I will be at the game on Saturday tickets have been ordered and will help with the banner if this is needed. I suggested a floral contribution but this is better. If there is a chance to have a book of condolences then this would also be worth doing. I am happy to buy one and bring one along if this is thought to be worth doing.

    Assuming Villa get the ticket to me I will be there.

    Trevor Fisher

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