Villa Do Some Sunday Business as Tony Xia Confirms Transfer Deal


Aston Villa owner Tony Xia issued one of his Twitter transfer equations today to confirm that Villa supporters should expect a transfer deal to be announced shortly.

The deal has been done in principal, indicated by a handshake emoji, and it will be signed in 24 hours – it’s Sunday today, so administration staff won’t be working.

There’s also the interpretation that it could be the 24th January (or at least by then), if there are things to be cleared up or maybe it’s an overseas player etc.


While Villa’s needs aren’t that great at this stage, with the bulk of transfers that Steve Bruce bought in last January window, now finally beginning to settle down and click as a team, there is certainly room for cover for Jonathan Kodjia.

Exotic Strikers

This week both Keith Wyness and Steve Bruce admitted there had been talks with Robin van Persie, which the Villa boss described “an interesting couple of days”, but the move for the 34-year-old Dutch striker wasn’t to be.

However, Wyness had indicated Villa were looking across Europe for a top name who might be able to come in on loan, which suggests it could be an experienced, older player.

With the Villa team finally beginning to settle and with Scott Hogan starting to fire, hopefully any new face won’t upset the apple cart. Also, looking back to recent Villa history, fingers-crossed it not another Tony Cascarino or Emile Heskey type signing to get us over the line, which ends up distracting us from our mission.

Although, saying that, as long as it’s not another Simon Dawkins, it should be an interesting reveal.

There remains the possibility that it’s an outgoing player, but you wouldn’t expect the Villa owner to tease excitement through Twitter, if Villa were selling a player…unless that is, it’s a deal for Micah Richards!


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  1. Mixed feelings I think at this stage of the season with Elphick playing well we should keep him, regarding McCormack it would be good to see him go but I don’t think it’s a good idea to let him go to a serious competitor for a promotion place I understand fans feelings but he has ability and beating us to promotion might just motivate him. Different matter if we sell him to Leeds at the end of the season then it won’t make any difference to us. Personally I would flog him off to the US.

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