Villa Should Take Inspiration from Liverpool to Tackle Manchester United

Taking Inspiration from Liverpool to Tackle United

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Episode 108.5 Notes

In perhaps their best performance since the restart, Aston Villa gave a lacklustre Liverpool team a game and had chances to open the scoring, until a familiar end to proceedings struck. But are there signs Villa might take something off United?

In the latest My Old Man Said podcast, we provide our reaction to the proceedings at Anfield and look at what Villa can take from the match going into their crucial Villa Park clash with Manchester United. How can Villa have success against the resurgent Red Devils?

We also look at the relegation picture, which Villa are very much in the end game of now.



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David Michael – @oldmansaid 

Chris Budd – @BUDD_music

Phillip Shaw – @prsgame

Editor/Producer – David Michael


  1. A little more from me as a very long standing Villa fan and having had time to reflect on last nights match ( Man U ) as far as I could see we only have 3 players Konsa, Hause, and Luiz who really look as though they are at least giving their best for the shirt. The rest and sad to say but including Grealish no effort, no idea, and no interest. And as for strikers 9 shots 1 on target says it all an absolute disgrace, personally I agree that Grealish has been our best player but he’s over hyped made to look good by let’s be honest mediocre players around him, with the exception of the 3 that I have mentioned who I believe are getting better with every game. Yes all too late now but hopefully we can keep hold of them and build a team with some steel and goal scoring ability around them as someone has said make Luiz captain to give him more encouragement and let the rest go for as much money as possible but on recent performances that won’t be a lot, the juries out on John Mc Ginn no where near the player that he was but maybe he’s still not match fit, finally as for DS
    JT, and Suso if we are relegated as is more than likely now, let them all go and start again.

  2. Smith can only field the players he has been given , and I’m sorry to say Jack is part of the problem . As captain playing @ 10 position he should be leading the attack but although he’s directing the defence he’s too focussed on it and in attack players are not suppoting each enough . An old saying says attack is the best form of defence . Against Pool we did well for 70 mins but instead of improving on that they went to pieces after the penalty that never was , and allowed ManU to read . our every move And despite some great passing moves out wide there was little action in the box except for set pieces & sadly I can not see much changing without a lot of changes next season

  3. How do we get 3 points with no goal threat we couldn’t hit a barn door we’re down but in honesty we’re no where near being a PL team. I wonder if we will score again this season. We’re now second bottom and that’s where we deserve to be we’ve been rubbish all season so has our manager, for a club of this size with the money spent this is unacceptable in every respect .Smith should have gone last Xmas can’t understand our owners.

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