The Villa Rant: Underdogs Villa snatch Draw at Wycombe as Fan Anger Boils

I was all set to ignore the larger problems at Villa for one day and sing the virtues of a Villa win and enjoying a game for once, free from talk and worry of relegation. I was ready to laud the decision to finally move Richards to right-back. Today was supposed to be a small bubble of happiness in an otherwise miserable season. That would have been too easy though wouldn’t it? Regardless, Villa delivered yet another underwhelming dose of dross, and the already woeful 2015/16 campaign goes on.


A league tie against lower league opposition was the perfect opportunity to build some confidence in the players. Aston Villa today proved that they are at least consistent, consistently bad. This 1-1 ‘loss’ now heaps even more pressure on the hopeless squad.

What’s more worrying is that the starting line up was made up entirely of senior players, as opposed to say Liverpool, who can at put their draw against Exeter down to fielding a youth side.

The Villa side today, dressed head to toe in bright yellow, could have gifted the fans some brightness for a change, but instead the uniform seemed more like a yellow submarine, destined to spend its time below the surface leagues of English football, hidden from any sunlight.


This most recent failure is yet another damning indictment of the quality of the squad, and their attitude towards playing football for the club. As with the chance to turn things around over Christmas, Villa have squandered another opportunity to do something positive. ‘Would you bet against us?’. Yes.

A Reckoning

Along with the inevitability that Villa are going down this season is the growing need and likelihood that something must be forced to happen at the club, and soon. The owners must go, and most of this squad must go too.

Though limited in terms of legal and financial clout the only hope is for fans to come together and find a way to force the hands that are fumbling our club to take action, and to get the hell out of our club. Tensions have begun to boil over with fans directing their abuse at players after both of our last two games and things certainly seem to be at breaking point.


Aston Villa need a complete rebuild strategy that goes beyond the short-term thinking of the club in recent years. Unfortunately very little can or will happen while the current crop of clowns hold the keys to Villa Park. This catch 22 means that Remi Garde is in a very strange situation indeed.

It’s difficult to know how to feel about the French man. Upon his arrival, I declared that he was exactly the type of manager Villa needed. Just this week MOMS contributor Shelly Osborne highlighted some very valid reasons as to why Remi should remain at the helm, even if (when) Villa become a Championship club.

The former Lyon boss may be the man for a rebuild but for his own sake and survival, he needs to find a way to show his value more with both an improved points haul and an improvement in quality on the pitch.

Blooding youth is another thing that Garde should prioritise. The introduction of Jordan (this club is collecting ‘Jordans’ now, isn’t it?) Lyden shows at least some intent in this regard, and Villa’s academy prospects should at least have a bit of desire, which is more than can be said for much of the senior team.

We are all devastated by the ineptitude of the team, and their seeming lack of motivation and have called for the manager to get the best from them, but with every passing game it seems more and more like Garde may be stuck with a group of players who can’t be worked with and that any rebuilding need to be done with a completely new squad. This is a disgraceful situation but may ease some pressure on Garde who has been handed a clearly impossible task with a team that cannot be inspired by anyone.

The opponents

Aston Villa missed an opportunity to win today with a sub par performance but Wycombe deserve credit on the day. They remained motivated, organised, and full of intent which is certainly more than can be said for Villa at almost any stage of this season. The fact that the Villans coming away without a win is little surprise to many, is a sign of the times for the club, and how far it has fallen. UTV

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  1. I saw Oxford United today and they would have beaten the Villa no doubt – fitness is an issue with the Villa and lack of drive and belief and they need to punch above their weight like Watford and Bournemouth – The reason why its not good on the pitch is no doubt that the upper management side of life the commercial side is not fit for purpose. Its people probably throwing their weight around who don’t know what they are doing through inexperience – I find Paddy Reilly really suspect and Tom Fox historically has made a mess of things before when the board room isn’t right then none of it goes right – Lerner can’t be hands on – businesses always suffer when that happens – when structure changes happen the common sense is to do a little at a time – and follow a successful working model – Villa executives fail on all levels and the only way to put pressure on them is commercially – yes financially it does harm in the short term – but if Tom Foxs remit is to expand commercially then if few turn up for one particular game (if organised properly) then TF would have failed in his remit and should fall on his sword. Villa should not be employing the likes of Reilly why did Liverpool get rid of ??? he doesn’t have a clue. Villa sold the quality off and are now paying the price. I am surprised that we are 10 days into January and not a single movement in the transfer market yet. Thats worrying . also many targets will turn the Villa down. The reality of relegation must set in and the urgency must be applied to get the right people in – I was surprised that Nigel Pearson wasn’t selected in the set up with all his experience . Im waiting to see changes on the pitch and see the intent of the Club. All I see are Rabbits in headlights at the moment and angry fans who are being kept in the dark – Its a huge mess and The club probably isn’t fit for purpose the way its been run – but the team must be supported – just a pick one match only not to turn up – that would really get the board rattled. Villa players would understand and welcome it silently.

  2. Mr Smith – do you want to have a team or not? Abuse is the weapon of the defeated. Our players are all we have got – I do not see fans stepping into the breach and getting results, so support the troops we have. In 1940 the British army was kicked out at Dunkirk.

    they went back in 1944

    A battle lost is not the war. The only way you can be defeated is destroying your own people.

    Garde and so have to be backed. Focus your attention on the real problems which have chosen to become invisible. The people in the boardroom. Have you seen Randy Lerner recently?

    Trevor Fisher

  3. If you pay to follow the club at this horrible time you deserve the right to air your opinion, even if it means throwing abuse at the players. After all, they are paid thousands WEEKLY to do this. If it’s too tough for them they can quit and get a proper job, but I bet they won’t………

  4. I agree with Rodney Cannon. From the TV showing it was clear that the Villa got better with the substitution, and constant attacks do nothing to improve a dreadful situation. As far as today is concerned, the manager had leant some hard lessons about his players, but overall they got better as they realised they could get the tie back to villa park

    Remember, we are still in this competition. Attacking the players is cutting our own throat while Garde does know what he is doing – trying to improve a dreadfully inept bunch of players. Throwing the water bottle down and sitting down with a face like thunder when Richards passed into a space with no Villa Player within twenty yards showed he understood the ineptnesss of the player. As for Westwood giving away a penalty…. any condemnation of him would be justified, but useless.

    If the attack mob do this at the Palace game, any chance of getting anything will disappear. Support Garde or go and do something else.

    OUr season is not yet over

    Trevor FIsher

  5. The people abusing the players as they got off the bus and the people chanting you don’t know what you’re doing at Garde are imbeciles. Firstly abusing the players before the game is not going to make them anymore confident and it is not going to make them want to bust a gut for the fans. Secondly Garde took off Gil because he was tiring and his subs turned the tide of the game in our favour. I just cannot stand to see the fans turn on yet another manager when this mess is not his fault. The squad he inherited is rubbish and it’s the people running the club that don’t know what they’re doing.

    The fans should be giving the manager the support he needs to turn this around not heaping more pressure on him because they disagree with a substitution. Grow up and use your brains or stay at home.

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