The Villa Rant: 00-6 Licence to Rant, Post Liverpool Thrashing

I was tempted to write most of this column before the Liverpool game, that’s how predictable Villa games like this have become, although the score this time was the worst at Villa Park for 81 years.

Ticking All the Boxes

Sturridge goal in post-injury bi-annual game vs Villa? Check. Goal for former Villa player? Check. Out of form team gifted a morale boosting win at Villa? Check. An instant crashing back to reality after managing one bloody win in a row? Of course. Disappointing player wants to kick start his career? Villa insist on helping out. Goal from player who has become a cult comedy figure? Bingo.


From the offset Villa should have made the glass boned hypochondriac that is Daniel Sturridge know that he wasn’t going to be given an easy ride. Instead the opposite occurred and Villa did all they could to give Liverpool players as much time and space as possible in our half.

Villa did all but shoot towards their own goal today, it’s as if even the players know the Premier League is too much for them and are seeking to expedite the clubs exit.

Where to Begin?

It’s hard to single out players in the team for particular criticism, as there’s few to praise, that said Leandro Bacuna is an awful footballer. Perhaps years of being a utility man have dulled his senses but he’s the type that I could see turning up for my six-a-side team in flashy boots thinking he’s all that and being screamed at for an hour for being selfish, lazy, and useless. Play anyone in his place, preferably some young blood. In fairness that’s an argument I’d extend to most of the team after today.

Any sign of physicality or tackling from Villa only showed up when the result was assured, and even then it just seemed like the players wanted to be sent off so that they wouldn’t have to continue the humiliation that is playing for this current squad. This was half an execution by Liverpool, and half suicide from Aston Villa.

Going to War

It’s evident that the players aren’t equipped to win Villa’s battles so the fans need to step up the war against the club’s decline. Only the fans can make a difference. I’m all for supporting the team but it’s hard to argue against full on boycotts and protest.

If Non football board members don’t understand football then we need to strike out in a way that they do understand, preferably in their pockets. There has been a lot of conscious, and unconscious, straw clutching this season (I’m as guilty as any of that) but the time has come to drop those straws, flush them down the toilet and address the situation.

Only Ourselves to Blame

It would be too easy at this stage to bemoan other results going against us. All of Villa’s relegation rivals could lose the rest of their games and Villa would still go down. Our easiest run of games came and went over the Xmas/New year period and we are showing few signs of getting anything from the next few. Does anyone actually think Villa can say up? I’d love to hear a rational argument for that.

False Hope

The only positive from today is that any lingering hope is gone. That may sound confusing but the sooner we accept our fate the less it will hurt when it happens. I’d rather be mid-table in the Championship then be embarrassed like this. The table isn’t lying, Aston Villa are the worst team in the league. If anything the gap at the bottom is flattering to us.

What’s worse is that the players either don’t realise or don’t care about the seriousness of Villa’s predicament. First we had Bacuna’s holiday snap, then Jores Okore chose his moment to highlight his lack of debt to the club, and now Joleon Lescott ‘accidentally’ tweeted a pic of his flash car, right after his team got steamrolled.

While arguments for context (Okore deserves credit for his clarification), genuine mistakes, and life outside football can be made, the fact is the players don’t seem to understand the feeling among fans at all and the timing of these otherwise trivial events couldn’t be worse.

Any Doubters?

To anyone who thinks that this reads as too negative I leave you with this…. We just got absolutely spanked by a mediocre team who couldn’t beat bloody Sunderland. Kolo Toure capped that drubbing with a goal. Goodnight.

PFV (Pray for Villa)

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  1. When you have been with a loved one , a partner over a long relationship, we go through many of lives ups and downs and share the experiences together. There is an emotional investment and a commitment, we compromise and we forgive when we get let down occasionally. I feel whats happened is all the support I have given my partner, there has been more take than give and a lack of commitment, I have suddenly woken up to an extreme personality disorder, Narcissistic and the world view has gone awry. When you partner doesnt serve you anymore and that you have been taken for a ride, then its time to make a decision whether you stay with blind loyalty or you take a step back and cancel any further dinner dates or events. Until they progress in the self awareness department and see the damage they are doing. It just makes sense not to spend any more money on them or invest emotionally until they sort themselves out…dont you think ?? Just saying………..

  2. From CEO down? Please remember who appointed the CEO. The problems all start with Lerner, and the comments by Lambert on wanting to quit after two years because he could see what was coming have to be taken seriously. As for not being there next year, one of the many mistakes made in the summer was putting the new signings on five year contracts.

    Its hard to know where to start in listing the stupidities at Villa, but having a squad purchase policy which believes it can pick players for 5 years ahead comes close to the top of my list

    trevor fisher

  3. There is no right or wrong in this our team are total and utter crap most won’t wear our colours next season let’s hope those over payed journey men rot in the the shitty mess they’ve left us in.l for one stayed till the end on Sunday walk away no chance those pathetic excuses who have the nerve to put my teams colours on got it full n at the end and will get it every time now ,I know from ceo down it’s collective crap but the on field crap was unexcusabe ,I give all the time so do all Villa supporters ,expect something back yes I do ,I expect respect for what we give they took the piss out of us any other job and they’d be sacked on Monday for gross misconduct in dereliction of duty .What now for me I will voice my thoughts support my team which is Aston Villa and say to any one on the the pitch who decides to disrespect us to leave and go to better times but the smell of the shit they’ve played will stay on them always and if they return I will for one politely remind them ,so stay true to yourself keep the faith and as always Villa till we die

  4. the stastic of worse result at home for 81 years goes against the other statistic that Villa conceded 6 goals last time in 1983- the latter is probably correct as Arsenal scored 6 against 2 at Villa Park on October 29th 1983. To get a worse result 81 years ago probably refers to the 0-7 thrashing by the baggies on OCTOBER 19th 1936. The manager James McMullan immediately ‘left the club’, Frank Barson was appointed coach and the legendary Villa Forward Pongo Waring requested a transfer

    Trevor Fisher

  5. With all due respect… A team that couldn’t beat Sunderland? Didn’t Sunderland just beat united and show some life and battle…. I think you can replace Sunderland with villa from now on

    • I thought that about the United result when I read it, but then you think, ‘Well, Liverpool couldn’t beat Sunderland at home, but managed to whack Villa 6-0 away’, so what the hell.

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