Villa on Tour – Away Day Reality and a Team With No Plan at Millwall

Villa on Tour

Bored during the international break? Now’s a good time to catch up on the adventures of the Villa on Tour boys from You Tube. Below is the video of their latest away trip to Millwall, which with Villa managerless had the feeling of a preseason game…well, Villa played like it was a preseason game anyway.

Below the video is Owen Thompson’s review of the away game and impressions of The Den.

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Villa Away Day at Millwall Video

Millwall Away Day

Date: 6th October 2018

Score: Millwall 2 Aston Villa 1 (Abraham)

Ground: The Den

Attendance: 14,491

Away Review of Millwall

By Owen Thompson (Villa on Tour)

Away atmosphere – 7/10

It was a bit of a mixed bag over the sacking, I did expect something a little flat but the term ‘Millwall away’ seems to get many people pumped. The atmosphere was fairly good for the first 25 minutes. With a goal in the middle as well it meant the away end was very noisy. Once we conceded however, it stopped and didn’t really get going in the second half (very similar to the team in fact).

Away End facilities – 4/10

If any of you have seen the video already you’ll have noticed that we didn’t enter the turnstiles until 2:58. This was not by choice, as the traffic up to the ground from the way we came from the pub was an absolute nightmare. So recalling my trip from last season, in terms of the facilities, it’s dull, grey and not very pleasant.

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Home Fans Atmosphere – 5/10

The atmosphere was very flat considering they’re Millwall and supposed to have these top fans. Anyway the section on the left of the away end was the only notable section that made noise. Everyone else only joined in when they screamed that annoying long Miiiiiiiiillllllllllllllwalllllllllllll. Apart from that, they don’t have many songs either, so pretty poor from them lot.

Empty Seats My Lord?

Whilst they sold out at home to us last season (mainly because it was the last game of the season and they were doing well), there were a fair few empty seats around this time round. Behind the goal at the opposite end, the first five to six rows were almost totally empty and also the top corners of the side stands were sparse too. Their poor start to the season hasn’t helped.

Best thing about the ground?

As there isn’t much to like. I just think the overall design of the stadium is good. Straightforward and simple two tiers for each stand. When it’s around half empty, it doesn’t really live up to its notoriety.

Classic moment of the away day?

Wasn’t one really. Apart from when we scored there wasn’t a lot much else happening, it was a poor game in fairness. Nothing new from Kevin MacDonald or the players.

Anything funny happen?

Not that I can remember. It was a bit of a shock seeing us go one up, but nothing really of note. Hopefully this will be the last mundane games we have to watch on away trips.

Any other business?

Whilst Millwall are supposed to be this club renowned for being slightly threatening and have you feeling worried, there wasn’t really a sinister atmosphere on this trip.

Just the silly name calling and hand gestures, which I’m sure most fans do anyway. So clearly nothing like they used to be back in the 80’s/90’s.

However, it became apparent that something was not right walking up to find our coach outside parliament. Apparently, coaches had been diverted to a possible threat from Millwall fans doing the Villa buses over. How true this was I do not know but to the annoyance of many of us, it took us four hours to get home considering we had just lost.

Not a great day in summary.


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