Villa Fan Advisory Board Notes – Club’s Stance on Crest, FFP Logistics, North Stand and more

Below are the summarised ‘official’ notes from the club of the latest Fan Advisory Board meeting that took place this week. A wide range of topics were covered – from updates on the North Stand to FFP logistics. While we appreciate the clarity given on some of the issues discussed, there are matters that remain unresolved like the issue of the crest.

Further views from the meeting will be given in the coming days. If you have any questions, do drop MOMS a line on email or social media.

Fan Advisory Board (FAB) 28th February 2024 Villa Park 

Fan Representatives

Joanne McKibbens – Aston Villa Disabled Supporters Association (AVDSA)
John Gillett – Lions Clubs 
Ravinder Ubhi – Punjabi Villans
Mo Razzaq – Aston Villa Supporters Trust
Ian Stokes – Vital Villa
Ben Redding – My Old Man Said 
Dave Woodhall – Heroes & Villans
Nilesh Chauhan – Villans Together  
Lena Curran – Fan Representative


Scott Jones – Villa Talk 
Sarah Breslin – Villa Bellas
Connor Smith – Fan Representative
Sam Timms – Villa & Proud
Nick Sanders –
Steve Gough – Independent Supporters Clubs

Club representatives

Ben Hatton – Chief Operating Officer 
Tommy Jordan – Communications Director 
Lee Preece – Supporter Liaison Manager 
Agenda items and comments provided by Fan Representatives are shown in normal text. 
Club agenda items or responses are shown in blue italics. 

Aston villa lion design

1. Crest

Given the requirement to consult on heritage assets, the FAB reminding the Club of the FA rules regarding changes to the crest, why did the Club not follow its own Fan Engagement Plan?

2. Accessible Seating

The Club does not meet the Accessible Stadia guide for wheelchair spaces and is somewhat short of the 214 recommended wheelchair bays. It previously shelved plans to remove rows within Lower North for accessible seating and more recently stated that the redevelopment of the new North Stand would improve disabled facilities. How is the Club planning to improve facilities, given it is in breach of the national guidelines? When will it meet its commitment to the Accessible Stadia Guide?

3. Financial Fair Play

This season, the Club announced a new management structure with a Sporting Director and a President of Business Operations. Who has ultimate accountability for FFP decisions under the new structure?

4. Betting Sponsorship

Growing concerns over the potential harm caused by betting have resulted in Government intervention in some European countries. If the Club qualifies for Europe next season and still has a front-of-shirt gambling sponsor, how will it navigate the rules?

We will follow the same process as has been followed this year. Where it is not possible to show the name of the Club’s principal partner on the front of the playing strip, alternative arrangements will be made.

5. Ticket Pricing 2024 / 2025

Supporters have experienced above-inflation double-digit price increases across the last two seasons sandwiched between a cost-of-living crisis. The FAB calls for the Club to commit to keeping prices affordable and share its plans for 2024/25 as part of a meaningful consultation process and with greater transparency.

6. Ticket Re-sale

Reportedly, when purchasing resale tickets for the Nottingham Forest game, these were only available at an adult price; no concession options were available. If eligible seats, ordinarily on sale, can be purchased at concession prices, why does this not apply to resale seats?

7. Seating 2024 / 2025

8. 150th

What plans is the 150th Anniversary Board proposing, and how can supporters get involved in the commemorations?


Club Shop

Holte Pub

Family Fun Zone / Academy Warehouse

Trinity Road Fan Zone

Next meeting Wednesday 20th March (see item 5).

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  1. Did anyone make it clear to the club that our colours are claret and blue, not blue and yellow.

  2. Did anyone ask about the removal of chairs in the holte pub which forced the older members of the Villa fan base and people with disabilities to sit on the floor or lean up radiators

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