Useful Local Football Team Match-making App Gets Ex-Villa Player Support

Here’s a useful heads-up for Villa supporters that play footy in the Birmingham area that came through to MOMS HQ on email this week.

If you’re in Birmingham and you’re looking for a grassroots team, or if you’re a team looking for a particular player then the new Get Your Boots On app could provide the answer to end your search.

Joining any type of football team that is suited to your schedule, location and overall personal needs can be difficult at times as organised teams only work through word of mouth and newspaper articles the majority of the time. It’s particularly difficult for a person to get involved at grassroots level if they have no work colleague or peer links to help them out.

However, the Birmingham FA, who are the biggest County FA in the country are the first to have backed this new initiative in their four-year strategy to develop grassroots football across the Midlands. An initiative that may have the answer to solve all your local football matchmaking problems.

Instead of struggling to find a team in your area you can now register online and be able to connect to clubs without any hassle. It’s useful for tackling a lot of the limiting factors that can make passionate grassroots footballers decide to stray away from the sport. Just running the app through your mobile can bring players and teams together in a much more efficient way.

Chad Ehlertsen, the Birmingham FA Chief Executive said “There is real focus to support the male grassroots game by ensuring teams have large enough squads and we also see a real opportunity to grow and develop women’s participation. We believe this new website can make it simple for those who want to join or get back into the game to ‘get their boots on’ again”.


It’s even got a claret and blue seal of approval as the Ex-Villa and England midfielder Lee Hendrie gave his support for the new online platform.

“Imagine a lad moves to a new city with his job or university – how does he find a team in a city he doesn’t know?, says Hendrie. “How do teams struggling for players advertise the fact they need a striker or a goalkeeper ? Get Your Boots on does it all and is perfect as most players have access to a phone or a tablet.”

So, will it work? Well a pilot study for the new app was carried out and from the 120 registered players, 68 of them were able to find a ‘match’ and play some footy.

Over 4,000 new teams based in Birmingham will be the first to get in on the new and intelligent football match-making system and it will almost certainly revolutionise the way grassroots football works. Getting involved in your local Sunday league team will be a lot easier from now on and if you win on a Sunday, it might make up for Villa trying to spoil your weekend again!

GET YOUR BOOTS ON matches footballers to football … simple!

Step 1: Sign up to and search

Step 2: Find your football match

Step 3: Go get your boots on and play


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