Two Most Likely Aston Villa January Signings Before Window Closes

Aston Villa January Signings?

The rule of thumb when it comes to the January window is don’t believe anything until you read the football news the day after the window closes, just in case a 11.59pm fax has been sent from B6 that the media could never know about.

Lambert pulled a rabbit out of the hat in the last window with Tom Cleverley (even if some fans think it was a rabbit with myxomatosis). The press had reported that deal on-off-on-off-on-off, but such player negotiations could always potentially go down to the wire, so always consider that when the media juice them for a bit of click bait.

City Boy

The same can be said about Scott Sinclair. We’ve had the ‘he’s signing’ stories, we’ve had the ‘Lambert is not interested anymore’ stories, but Lambert never categorically ruled it out, the Villa boss was just appearing to go cold on the matter, to play a bit of hardball as the deadline got closer.

Initially Manchester City were holding out for a £2.5 million transfer fee, while Villa were looking to shave off a million from that for the risk of signing him. In an ideal world, Villa should hopefully broker some kind of loan deal ala Tom Cleverley to project themselves, if Sinclair fails to produce like he did previously on loan to the Baggies.

At the time of writing, the Manchester press are suggesting it is deal done with Sinclair having allegedly completed a medical in Birmingham. He is expected to be officially announced  Friday morning.

Update: Sinclair in on loan until the end of the season (with option for permanent signing). Read The Aston Villa Scott Sinclair Gamble

scott sinclair
Sinclair in the bag awaiting official announcement…or it’s his head photoshopped on Delph’s body!


Lower League Star

Another more outside bet is the prospect of Aston Villa praying on the uncertain managerial situation at Newcastle to try to pick off the Geordie interest in MK Don prospect Dele Alli.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the U-19 England midfielder, who likes to drive forward and also shares with Villa’s Fabin Delph the fact he’s also been dubbed ‘ the new Gerrard’, seems to have perked some last minute interest from Paul Lambert.



Reportedly, the idea is to pay £2 million up front for the 18-year-old, then loan him back, and then pay the rest of the £5 million total in the summer.

If Alli lives up to his hype of being one of the better players around in the lower leagues (he’s netted 12 goals from midfield this season), then it could be some smart forward planning by Villa.

A bonus would be the potential of hearing the Holte End chanting ‘Alli Bomaye! Alli Bomaye!’ after the infamous ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ Muhammad Ali chant.

The picture will become clear, once that transfer window is bolted shut after the weekend.


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  1. Cleverly – rabbit – myxymatosis haha, you burrowed deep for that one 😉

    Dele Alli, well worth a shot, all good things about him on the pitch, just 18 as well. Which raises the Grealish situation, why wont he give him a chance and a run in the side to prove once and for all, how good, or otherwise, he is? Yet Lambert is giving a chance to Sinclair, a proven recent waster. I fear the same could happen to Alli as has happened to Grealish, if he came to Villa.

    • Credit for my rabbit gag (and also from Will). That’s made my week, I’m now immune to whatever Arsenal throw Villa’s way on Sunday.

  2. “Lambert pulled a rabbit out of the hat in the last window with Tom Cleverley (even if some fans think it was a rabbit with myxomatosis).”

    Brilliant! Funny and sums up the situation perfectly for me. He hasn’t been great, but I still think it was a shrewd signing, if that makes sense.

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