Tom Hanks Spreads His Relish for Aston Villa Once Again

tom hanks aston villa

Tom Hanks jokes on reddit that his Aston Villa Love is his Dark Side


Nowadays the release of a new Tom Hanks film comes with a little sprinkle in the media of Aston Villa love from our most famous fan in Hollywood.

Having met Hanks a couple of times on interview duty in my day job (unfortunately before he came out as a Villa fan), while I used to be put off by his early 1990’s American everyman/Meg Ryan love interest  roles, in person he’s an undeniably witty and intelligent guy.

Of course, he’s since built his professional reputation on meatier fare such as Philadelphia and The Green Mile, but his creditability reached new heights when he declared himself an Aston Villa supporter; later rubber-stamping his support when seeing the Villa play the Portland Timbers on Villa’s pre-season tour of the USA a couple of years ago.

On promotional duty for his latest film Captain Phillips, Hanks went online to answer questions on the internet site reddit. Known as the nice guy, Hanks was asked by a UK-based person, one thing that shows his dark side…



tom hanks aston villa quote


‘I relish Aston Villa victories,’ deadpanned Hanks in reply (see screen grab).

The comment that followed his answer, possibly trumped him in the ironic humour stakes though.

“Good god. He said dark, not evil’, remarked Esther Harshom.

Do Villa victories belong on the dark side?

Well, if Paul Lambert was using black magic at half-time at Villa Park last Saturday, it would certainly explain how Villa turned the game around to beat Manchester City!

Hopefully Hanks was relishing that wicked three points. UTV


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