Tom Cleverley Contract Equation

Villa boss Paul Lambert has admitted he would like to keep Tom Cleverley and the original slated fee in the press was reported to be for £7.5m fee, but what exactly happened when the deal turned into a season-long deal? doesn’t have to move in January as he has him on loan for the full season anyway – something not all Villa fans might have known before this week.

Its been suggested in some quarters that the £7.5 million deal was done in principle, but both parties ran out of time, thus the loan was a way of getting the deal over the line before the window closed, so at least the player could start playing for Villa from the off.

MOMS take would be that the fee was the stumbling block and what caused the initial delay. In fact, it caused the deal to break down and the loan option was the compromise for all three parties. Villa got their man, United saved his wages and deadwood and Cleverley got first team football.

Lambert hinted at this in a recent Villa press conference.

“I have the option to buy in January but I have got him for a season long loan anyway,” confirmed Lambert. “I would definitely try (to sign him permanently) but a lot will depend on finances.”

When it comes to the cash most Villa supporters would agree that the originally mooted price of £7.5 million isn’t worth bothering with based upon what we’ve seen thus far.

He’s brought strength in-depth to the Villa midfield, but hasn’t exactly elevated it going forward, when you consider Villa are the lowest ranked attacking force in the Premier League with 11 goals in 19 games.

Tom Cleverley Contract Options

1. Pay the ‘supposed’ asking price of £7.5 million.

It would wrap the deal up, but as we’ve just mentioned, what improvements to the Villa midfield has he brought? Cleverley hasn’t a goal or assist to his name, and you’d expect a lot more than that, when splashing out the kind of cash that would make him Lambert’s most expensive buy. So forking up £7.5 million or a figure close to that isn’t an option.

2. Offer closer to £3 million to wrap up deal

Yes, this would be a more realistic figure and what most Villa supporters would be happy with. It would secure his services for the long-term and maybe improve his performances this season, as he’ll become more comfortable knowing that Villa is his proper home. Will United accept it? Surely £3 million is better than him going for nothing at the end of the season?

3. Wait and get him on a free

As Lambert says, Villa have Cleverley until the end of the season, whatever the financial considerations over a permanent deal. Of course, he’ll be a free agent and be open to approaches from other clubs, including Everton, with Roberto Martinez a keen fan of Cleverley. So it would ultimately be up to the player.

But, if Cleverley has enjoyed his ‘trial period’ and sees his future at Villa Park, then that will work in the club’s favour. When it comes to working out a deal, they would also have the leeway of the money saved on any fee to factor in when offering him a contract.

It’s more of a gamble doing it this way, but they’d only be a real loss if Cleverley has a great second half of the season and really makes a name for himself to attract bigger interest in the summer.



Likely decision?

You’d think that the Villa board would try and lock the Cleverley deal down in January, if the price is right. I can’t see Fox breaking the bank to bring him in and the end-of-season loan gives the club a nice insurance policy and a second chance at the end of the season.

At the moment, not many fans would shed a tear if Cleverley went else where at the end of the season. Cleverley hasn’t done too badly in his time at Villa Park, though it’s fair to say he’s been pretty unspectacular. He certainly hasn’t played anywhere near the level that will have his parent club clamoring to get him back to Old Trafford. And if he’s happy and being given the arm around the shoulder he was missing there, then surely he’ll turn to us anyway as a free agent?

Delph and Vlaar are probably going to still be Villa players come February and with the new strategy being ever-so-close to paying off, there’s no need to spend money on something we already have. If Cleverley is staying until May anyway, how about bowing to fan demands and directing the money we have to increase the chances that Delph and Vlaar actually stay beyond this season and add the attacking-midfielder who can actually feed Benteke?

It’s time for some Cleverley poker, but at the moment Villa hold a decent hand in terms of the future of the United midfield player.


Additional reporting by Chris Kemps

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  1. Wait and see, Cleverley will sign at the end of the season if he is happy and doing well, could better spend the 7m elsewhere. TC8 has done an ok if unspectacular job in the games I have seen so far.

  2. Even if we were to take him on a Bosman in the summer, with the increased weekly wedge that would entail, you’d have to say, who else could you get on those wages ?? I bet he’s not cheap – not even seen any speculation on how much we’re paying, or whether we’re even paying 100pc of the wages etc. What it tells me, with Richardson also in the frame these days – ManScum were never as good as everyone were supposed to think they were. Amazeballs even now, how they were shit before Fergie Time, and how they were basically shit again the minute he retired.

  3. Not worth anywhere near 7-8m. Our other midfielders are much better, so why would we pay big money for him? Then again why did we spend 7m on Kozak?

  4. Vlaaar swapped for Cleverley, only if there’s some cash coming our way. Anyway, I don’t think there will be many offers coming in for Fabio or Ron other than sideways moves. They’d be daft t move just for the sake of it.

  5. Tells you everything Lambert woupd sign him. He cant make a forward pass let alone go past anyone hes exactly whats been wrong with villa for years not a creative bone in his body. Merson would be better even at his age. For gods sake Fox show more sense than your predecessor

  6. Send him back and forget him, he’s just a workhorse with no vision and minimal quality, not what we need.

  7. cleverly is probably better in the middle so the next few games will show us if he is worth signing

    he is a good player who could get better over the next few years

    but its clear we need more attacking threat so its a big decision to sign him,,

    but he is a solid player with a good attitude and is fit so i wont be sad if he is a permanent fixture

    the amount of injuries and suspensions show we need depth,,

    but we need to get more from zoggy gabby and weinman, it could be they are replaced or someone

    comes in to unlock their potential, but we needs goals,,, and this is where we need to strengthen

  8. Other than the press where do these rumours of Vlaar to ManU come from ?
    I have regular contact with a ManU fan with a reliable contact @ Carrington and he tells me there is no interest in Vlaar .
    However he was suprised when the deal to bring Cleverly to Villa origonally fell through in the summer as it had supposed to have been a done deal , untill Villa were out bid but that deal fell through as the money was not available up front . And as discussed above the Loan deal was cobbled together at the last hour as there was not time to complete his permament transfer As for Cleverly’s performance for Villa my ManU contact did watch the Palace match & thought he performed well , but I’ve not seen him since a few hours before we played them so I’ve not any recent updates.
    What I will say is that if Lambert wants him waiting untill the summer may not be an option as other clubs could still tempt his agent with fees to get him to sign for them !

  9. There’s also the potential swap with Ron Vlaar, but would you entertain that? It would definitely leave Villa weaker for the rest of the season.

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