Tim Sherwood Talks Two Game Ultimatum, Randy Lerner Meeting and Villa’s Situation

Tim Sherwood feels the pressure...

During the international break Tim Sherwood was a man under siege by the media, as rumours abounded about the Villa boss having two games left to prove himself. There was also a lot of talk about who signed who, in terms of Sherwood’s choices and those of the Villa player recruitment team.

Now with the pre-Chelsea match press conference and interviews, Sherwood has had a chance to speak up for himself, after others went into bat for him in the media yesterday.

The Villa boss remains self-confident despite a decidingly poor four points from the first eight fixtures.

“I’m 100% sure we’ll stay in the Premier League this season,” he declared. “100%. I’ve got full belief in that.”

Of course, what else could he say. There will be doubts in his mind, but he just has to get on with the job, learn from his mistakes and most importantly get results.

In the below audio interview, Sherwood addresses that two game ultimatum mooted in the press, why he didn’t meet Randy Lerner in the states last week and also Villa’s current predicament.


“I’m in a difficult period at the moment with results but I’ll get through it,” admitted Sherwood. “Once I get through this period everyone’s going to benefit.”

Of course, Sherwood is known to be able to talk the talk, but now with the pressure ramped way up, can he walk the walk? UTV

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