A Frustrated but Realistic Tim Sherwood Discusses Speculation and Opposition Gifts

Until Brad Guzan and Joleon Lescott gifted Chelsea their first goal, Aston Villa were making a decent fist of potentially getting something out of the game. Jack Grealish and Carles Gil were keeping the ball well and trying to make things happen and the team as a whole were positive in taking on Chelsea, rather than defending in numbers.

But yet again, defensive lapses were the downfall. Tim Sherwood was pretty relaxed and pragmatic in his post match interviews including the one below with Sky Sports, in which he reminded people that he was “on Aston Villa’s side”. In the post-match BBC Interview he talked about Villa supporters being supportive at Stamford Bridge, but the real test of their patience will come at Villa Park next weekend, when Swansea City visit.

Tim Sherwood interview

It’s a strange situation at the moment. You want to back Tim Sherwood while he is under pressure, because he deserves the support after his efforts last season securing Premier League status and also for providing fans with that great Wembley semi-final win against Liverpool, but now is not time for sentiment with Villa in a precarious position, already cut adrift in the bottom three with just four points from nine games.

Too much significance is placed on every game, for example, the home game against Stoke City was seen as a ‘must win’ game. We lost it, so now what? Give in?

Regardless of some supporter’s irrational approach to games, Swansea City will no doubt be a pivotal game.

If Sherwood’s team iron out the mistakes and get a positive result against the Swans, Sherwood will feel the support grow behind him. If they loss easily and sloppily, no amount of his words will be able to talk round a growing disenfranchised supporter base.


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  1. Not sure I go along with this, but I understand fully why Sue feels the way she does. The quality of our football under Lambert was embarresing. If it wasn’t for one exceptional centre foward in Benteke and before that the on loan Robbie Keane and before that Bent’s goals, we wouldve gone down 3 seasons ago. At least we play attractive football under Sherwood. I agree the mistakes are pretty awful and most be ironed out. Its better to deal with this at the beginning of the season than towards the end.

    He’s still short of a couple of players, an agressive ball winner and a Bent style goal sniffer and we’ll be away. Hopefully, Sherwood aquires these in Jan.

    And yes drop Guzan until he gets his mind right!

  2. In short – Sherwood won’t fix this. If he didn’t like the DOF model he should have walked in the summer, not stick around to see if it worked out and then take the credit. Another manager could definitely have made a better fist of it. But of course he knew then and especially now, that he would struggle to find another top flight earner. The options are threefold (twofold, really):

    1) Do nothing and then undoubtedly go down
    2) Find a manager who is happy with DOF ie Rodgers, presumably
    3) Fire the f****** lot of them and bring in a Manager ie Moyes.

    At some point, if Fox has not already done 2) or 3), he should be included in the clearout.

  3. You wait ages, and then all of a sudden, two comedy goals come along at the same time. The biggest joke was how bad Chelsea were (worst team we’ve played thus far….?) but I guess two submissions beat a knockdown .

  4. Right now tim is focusing on finding the best team and trying to play on the front foot when he really should go back to the basics and fix the probs that is us giving the ball away in dangerous areas…Tim has not shown any willingness to fix that given that we’ve been doing that ever since the crystal palace and it’s only gotten worse since

    Pls fucking fix that before you do anything else with the team or we’ll never amount to anything. Like i said time and again playing long balls will fix that….pls i won’t mind seeing us play like we did under mcleish and lambert again as we could actually defend then and dun give away silly goals as much.

    When other teams give away silly goals on a one in five games frequency at most, it has become expected of villa to do that every match, it will really be a surprise it see a villa match without the ghost of vlaar hanging around

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