The Ultimate Aston Villa Player Ratings For the Reading Game

The ultimate player ratings were meant to be a one-off for last weekend after that woeful display at Cardiff, but there’s still some gags in the Venglos View tank, so here we are again.

Reading 2 Aston Villa 1

Meh, meh and meh.

At times clueless, lacking in energy (very little pressing when Reading had the ball) and a lack of ideas going forward. You know the story, it’s the same one we’ve seen for season upon season now.

Easy for Reading, while Villa do not currently look like a promotion team.

But hey, let’s not put a downer on these ratings…

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Aston Villa Player Ratings

Warning these ratings are out of 10 and not 5…

Johnstone 5

A thankless task having to play behind those 10 farts in front of him. Has conceded a lot more goals already in the league this season than Jed Steer. People will start to talk…

De Laet 4

Good to see him return, but after 63 minutes, he decided he preferred being on the sidelines rather than play in this Villa team. Hard to blame him.

Terry 1

Cue the tape again…

Chester 1

A model pro last season. I didn’t realise he was playing until about 30 minutes in. #ChesterOut

Taylor 2

Hmmm, maybe the rating was wrong after the Cardiff game? Maybe Jordan Amavi is better than him after all?

Whelan 2

Crabby, crab, crab. Crabbing here, crabbing there. Crabbing everywhere. Crab, crab, crab.

Hourihane 5 (77)

He started a game and he scored. I wonder if the two happenings are connected? The plot thickens.

Bjarnason 2

Really struggles when not playing his best position…on the bench. Looks completely lost at sea when he’s on the pitch. He and De Laet took the first 20 minutes to work out who was actually playing right-back. I thought Thor was the ‘God of Thunder’?

Onomah 3

Sitting on the bench at a Spurs Champions League game now looks like a very sexy option compared to playing in Villa’s midfield. Lively when on the ball, a bit of a statue, off it.

Green 4

If he had decent final touch and a better footballing brain, he’d be the best player in the team. Granted, you could say that about every Villa player.

Hogan 1

Did I say Hogan? Sorry, I meant Sick Note. Off injured again.

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Lansbury 5

Looks better sitting on the bench for 90 minutes. Promising display.

Adomah 5 (77)

Credit where it’s due. He managed to come on as a sub and not get subbed off this time. Progress.

Steer 10

Great clean sheet. MOTM for the third game running. Future England No.1

Samba 3

To be fair, good damage limitation by Steve Bruce, by not bringing Samba on as a striker. The Villa boss’s only smart tactic.

Bree 7

Again, probably contributed the most of all the recognised Villa right-backs

Hutton 3 (63)

Put in a public appearance for the Villa away faithful. Also available for supermarket openings and stag do’s.

Agbonlahor 5 (29)

Remember he’s already scored his token goal for the season, well, now he’s got his atoken assist of the season. His work is done for this season.

Do you watch The Game of Thrones? Seen the latest episode with the two guys and the dragon? That with Gabby and Hutton.


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  1. Glenn Whelan is very good at pointing at others to the place that he should have been in….

    Still to see Neil Taylor make a tackle (in fairness no one made a proper tackle last night).

    What is most frustrating though is why Bruce thought it was OK to play all of the youngsters in the U23 game the night before and effective deselect them for this game…we all know Reading are a good passing team and what we needed was energy – the likes of which O’Hare, Lyden, RHB have in abundance. That’s why Bruce should take a long hard look at himself and his “coaching” team (Xia should sue them for breach of contract) and do the honourable thing and take himself off for an early bath and not wait to be pushed (with the hefty pay off that would no doubt follow).

  2. Clueless and useless Green clearly not good enough can’t miss the clear chances that he has at this level, as someone said Hogan a sick note. And yes Bruce needs to take a lot of the blame he picks and so say motivates the team. Useless team with a useless manager be lucky to finish bottom half. Spent loads of hard earned money traveling and paying to watch this crap but not any longer.

  3. Clueless. A team packed with players who have long passed their sell by date. Steve Bruce nice enough guy but I worry every time he has a round of golf,.

  4. for gods sake !! sick of it i’m a 5 th generation Villa fan that has followed them all over the country .for years (since the days of Peter Mcparland, iv’e just about had enough of this crap What the f–k is going on ,and don’t blame Bruce he’s not wearing the boots ( arseholes ) truly pissed off.

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