The Reasons for Villa’s Recent Home Failures & the Chances of Keeping Barkley & Luiz

Strange Days Indeed

A 2-1 defeat to Brighton made it four consecutive losses in all competitions at Villa Park for Aston Villa. Meanwhile, Villa boast an 100% winning away record. Why is this poor run of home form happening? After recently beating the League Champions 7-2 at Villa Park, surely the team should be capable of better since? Should we be concerned?

In the latest My Old Man Said podcast, we look back at the Brighton game for clues at why Villa have become vulnerable at home, leaving them with a run of results that have compromised a potential early top four league position.

Also in the show, we look at some key Villa supporter questions from The Mad Few group (the FB group dedicated to the show), such as: What Villa need in the January window? Are Villa likely to buy Ross Barkley? What’s the state of play with Douglas Luiz’s buyback clause? Who’s Villa most underrated player in the first XI? John Terry’s future, Luiz and Grealish clickbait and more.

We’re not going to dwell too much on how we cursed Ross Barkley to get injured though…


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