What are the Most Popular Aston Villa Retro Shirts with Fans?

The Most Popular Aston Villa Retro Shirt

The upcoming Aston Villa vs Everton game is billed as ‘Retro Day’ at Villa Park, as well as retro graphics on the big screens, Theme From an Unmade Silent Movie will play as the last song before the players come out.

A while back one of the questions in our MOMS Survey was to ask you what your favourite retro kit was over the years. The results poled from over 600 Villans answering the question, are as follows:

Favourite Aston Villa Retro Shirts

1982 European Cup winning away shirt – 21.1%

1957 FA Cup Winners shirt – 17.9%

1982 European Cup campaign home shirt – 16.3%

1981 League Champions home shirt – 15.9%

1994 League Cup winners home shirt (Muller) – 14.1%

1971 Bruce Rioch era Home shirt – 7.5%

1992 Draw string style Home shirt – 7.3%


Aston Villa 82 Euro Cup Final Shirt

While most of the favourite retro shirts are related to winning Villa teams (could this season’s Macron kit be a considered a classic if we win the FA Cup?), there’s no surprise that the shirt worn in our finest hour (or 90 minutes) when Villa lifted the European Cup is the most popular amongst MOMS readers.

It’s the shirt that was worn by the finest Aston Villa team in our 140 year history.

The very same kit that this season’s away kit is a homage too, has always been considered a classic in minimalist design too – with the central badge and claret pin stripes.


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  1. The 84 away shirt is the one that fetches the most on ebay on the rare occasions one comes up, so thats really the vote that counts. Although if you could ever find the early 70s away shirt in original format (the one that Arsenal copy to this day) it might supercede even that valuation (£120+) Anyone old enough will remember that we all had yellow and blue away scarves – never seen that since. There is also the claret sleeves/blue torso.shirt allegedly in the club collection (a picture is out there somewhere) that may have inspired the Nike 2010 away strip.

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