The Main Villa Concerns That Still Need Addressing by Steven Gerrard

What do Aston Villa Need to Challenge the Top Half?

It’s the dawn of a new season when hopium and blind optimism traditionally fill the air. After budgeting for the top eight, the last couple of seasons, can Aston Villa finally breach the top half and finished where they keep aiming for?

Villa have wisely planned ahead, getting their key acquisitions in early doors in the transfer market. From locking down Philippe Coutinho on a permanent deal, to then hopefully upgrading the first XI with both Boubacar Kamara and Diego Carlos.

In a recent My Old Man Said podcast we tucked into the key issues that Steven Gerrard still has to address, if Villa are really going to set about trying to break into the European places next season, which some of the players are suggesting is their aim this season.

  • What is the answer to the Villa midfield? Which is key to Villa finishing in the top half.
  • What did Gerrard learn in the first half against United, the only real adversity during preseason?
  • Is Gerard’s First XI still under review?
  • What’s Leon Bailey’s role in the team?

And much more.

Beyond the Villaverse, we also look at the introduction of multi-ball in the Premier League, the dehydrated Hulk and how someone is using Only Fans to help in the quest of buying her favourite football team.


PS – There is also a more recent show out too.

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