The First Impressions of Aston Villa’s Premier League Restart

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Episode 107 Notes

Aston Villa kicked off the Premier League start against Sheffield United with a 0-0 draw…thanks to Hawkeye. Will it ultimately be seen as a missed opportunity or a useful exercise to give them a fitness advantage for their next game against Chelsea?

The game and surprises in the line-up are discussed.

Also in the show, FFP is iced Were Arsenal ‘jet lagged’ against Manchester City? And Fan Supporter Europe demand for supporters to be involved in dialogue about getting fans back into stadiums.

In ‘Overrated or Underrated?’ early 1990’s Villa players Guy Whittingham and Dariusz Kubicki are put under the microscope.



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  1. The DS,JT combination has not worked all season don’t know what goes on on the training ground, the JT reaction to the Villa goal said it all, he was an embarrassment and should be ashamed of his behaviour, how does he now look a Villa player in the eye, if he can’t show loyalty to our marvellous club then he don’t belong here send him back to London. UTV.

  2. I’m a positive person but we are down already. Never strung 2 passes together Chelsea, thier first game were superior in every way. I know we don’t have thier quality but we should fight, should have a game plan. That was as bad as it gets.

  3. Lacked cutting edge and a lot more didn’t get the impression that we were up for it, and nothing changes still no goal scorer been the same from the beginning of the season and it’s been our downfall, and will probably be the reason that we are likely to be relegated, only chance we have is to go with two up front, there’s only 9 games left so don’t need to share it out just go for it for gods sake.

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