The Final Word on the Jack Grealish Never Ending Story

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Jack Grealish Completing Manchester City Deal Soon

While not officially announced yet, accordingly to all reports, Jack Grealish is about to leave Aston Villa with barely a week or so to go to the new season. While most football journalists have seemingly in the dark on the matter over the past few days, the feeling is an announcement will be made before Aston Villa kick-off against Sevilla at Villa Park in Villa’s final preseason friendly match.

Sadly, due to the pandemic, bar the fans that got lucky in the ballot for the Chelsea game last season, most Villa fans haven’t seen him play for Villa at Villa Park for one and a half years. That would be a harsh note to end on, having been the darling of the Holte End with his Villa legacy very much in front of him.

He was a rare modern day player that was worth the price of admission. A pleasure to watch. A Villa fan to boot.

Still, Villa have become accustomed to playing chunks of seasons without Grealish, with him playing roughly only 65% of league games in four out of the last five seasons. There were also suspicions of his reoccurring shin issue.

Last season, there were certainly attacking deficiencies in Villa’s attack without their captain, but this summer Villa have signed Emiliano Buendia, Leon Bailey and Ashley Young, who should all improve matters on that front.

There maybe more bodies in before the summer transfer window closes and Villa will certainly be looking to move on and progress next season upon their previous two seasons in the Premier League.

Considering Villa’s ambitious new owners and the foundations already laid down, it was a real opportunity for Grealish to do something unique in football, rather than just follow the status quo. He’s turned his back on a chance of a real Roy of the Rovers legacy.

History will now remember him as an ‘if only’ man, in terms of Villa.

On the latest Villa podcast we discuss in depth what was potentially possible playing for Villa, and how Villa having rebounded well in the past after selling their main assets. Also, we discuss how £100m is an excellent deal in terms of his on-field efforts, but what Villa lose in the bigger picture and without the Grealish brand.

It’s a good hour of discussion that will keep you sane, make you smile and rationalise some of the nonsense out there.


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Episode 157 Notes

Have you gone mad yet about the Jack Grealish situation? The MOMS team dive in on the factors at stake in terms of Grealish. Is it the short-term easy option vs potential Roy of the Rovers legacy?

Will Grealish be left with ‘If Only’ status if he goes? What could he have truly achieved if he stayed?

As well as all things Grealish, we also look at the latest Villa news and the announcement of the signing of Leon Bailey.

There’s also the proposition of Whacking Day…



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  1. Good to see Ings. The only player we’ve seen with great movement in the box since Bent was Abraham, so it’ll be good to look closely at him- when no one attacks the near post, for e.g. we can waste good opportunities. We’ve lacked a player who lives and breathes for goals, and this guy has always been decisive and dangerous when I’ve seen him in the past.
    We can rotate amongst our attackers a bit now, and the pace on the counter, which has been one of our strengths, is even better now.

  2. Nice thought Colin but it ain`t going to happen mate. The club have deceived us a little I believe.

  3. Club staying quiet about Jack but have announced the signing of Ings who should solve issues over a 2nd striker so perhaps now they can focuss on retaining Jack ?

  4. I was hoping that Jack could become another Steve Gerrard like when Chelsea came a calling at Liverpool. Respect. Instead we have another mercenary in the prem.
    So no Grealish, no John Terry and a manager who is average at best. We will struggle.
    Cant wait to see Jacks grovelling words – “I will look for their results” – wont cut it mate.
    Thanks to the Leeds supporters on Twitter they know that Phillips could be next. I hope Spurs stick to their guns over Kane. Dig in Levy.

  5. Yeah, Man City are a pain. They have too many attacking midfielders as it is! They picked them all in the Champions League final and lost. They looked better when Fernandinho came on, and still lacked a match winning striker. Pep is starting to look like Wenger: he just has an ideal sort of technical player in mind, and signs everyone on earth who seems to fit the mould.

    It’s a shame for the league – there are a lot of competitive teams at the top, but you need the challengers to keep their best players.

    Bit deflating with a week to go — we should ask the Brazilian and Argentinian players to tap up the best guys they know to cheer us all up.

  6. Wodin makes a good point about ManC & FFP but there is also the issue of the Super League & penalties neither of which the press are talking about ! But Jack would not be the 1st England who spent his whole playing career @ his home club as Carragher did & hopefully Jack has had more than a few opportunities to talk with him ?? As for money surely it’s time Villa’s owners made a point about money ?

  7. I’ll a bit gutted if he goes. There are a couple of sour questions:

    – how can Man City sue their way out of FFP?
    – does he (correctly??) think that he’ll only star for England if he’s at a ‘big club’?

    But things are what they are. We kept him in the team on a record losing streak at the start of his career because we believed in him, and he’s repaid it in full as far as I can see. If he goes, he goes.

    When I was climbing in the Andes I found that the higher you go, the harder it gets; you just have to keep going upwards.

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