Steven Gerrard’s Twin Concern for the Remainder of the Season

Steven Gerrard’s Twin Concern

In the episode 186 of the My Old Man Said podcast, I was joined by Chris Budd, Phil Shaw and Dan Rodgers (see their Twitter addresses below) to discuss what is something of an early crossroads for Steven Gerrard as Aston Villa boss.

When Villa didn’t play over the Easter period, Villa slipped to their current 15th position in the Premier League, leaving some supporters increasingly anxious about a potentially wasted season. A positive point at Leicester City bucked a four-game losing streak and stopped the bleeding.

Currently, Gerrard very much has a twin focus at this moment to balance.

There’s the vital recruitment drive for next season in what will be a defining season for Villa, in terms of the bigger picture. In the here and now though, he still needs to pick up points to make sure he doesn’t dent his reputation with Villa’s supporter base. A poor finish may also be off putting to potential transfer targets, with the recent mantra of ‘a club going places’ starting to wane.

This is a club that budgeted for a top-half finish this season, so there’s still the financial motivation to get back up the league table too.

As well as discussing Gerrard’s current predicament with the team, the show also comes after the recent Villa Fan Consultation Group meeting with Villa CEO Christian Purslow, so they’ll be some insights and discussions surrounding the key issues raised from that too.



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