Steven Gerrard Makes Boss Aston Villa Start

Steven Gerrard’s First Villa Game

There’s been a lot made of Steven Gerrard’s start as Aston Villa Head Coach from banning fizzy drinks and condiments to setting up a private training instagram account, but the main focus from his point of view will of course be the results.

Villa’s win against Brighton last weekend, as well as setting off Gerrard to a good start, helped him sever the shadow of a growing losing streak. The 2-0 win at Villa Park meant that the five-game losing streak left along with Smith.

Of course, this will be something of a baptism of fire for Gerrard to find his feet in, and he should be judged initially with context.

December serves up tough consecutive games against Liverpool, Manchester City and Leicester City, and he’ll also have to face his scorned predecessor Dean Smith’s Norwich City, in a month that serves up a total of seven games.

From the outside there seems to be a clarity to Villa’s new Head Coach’s actions and words, so far. Complication and confusion is unhelpful at this stage, as Villa try to find their feet again this season.

Gerrard knows he has a talented bunch at his disposal and with many of them now becoming available, in very basic terms, it’s a case of pointing them in the right direction. This is not a lesser team that needs to be drilled for a relegation battle, but a team who needs reminding of the good things they are capable of and making the preseason expectations of the summer’s acquisitions a reality.

In the latest podcast episode (listen above) we look back at the recent Villa Park clash (and getting back from it) and see if there are any signs of a ‘Gerrard Way’ at this early stage.

Also, we catch up on the latest Villa news, Media Muppets, Manchester City ghost crypto companies, the Kim Kardashian and Leeds United Afghanistan airlift and the USA Premier League contract.

And there’s lots more, including Kindle Davis…


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