Sky TV Games Affect Match-going Aston Villa Fans Over Christmas


The monthly announcement of future Sky TV games always comes as a double-edge sword to football supporters. Match-going supporters potentially are inconvenienced, but those not going to the game in the first place are thankful they have a chance to see Villa in action.

Today Sky TV announced they would be screening further three Villa games over the December-January period.

Both of Villa’s fixtures either side of Christmas Day have had their times shifted for Sky TV.

First of all, the home fixture against high-flying Sheffield United at Villa Park on Saturday December 23 has gone back to a 5.30pm kick-off.

More controversially perhaps is the Boxing Day time switch from 14.00 to 19.30 of the away trip to Brentford. A switch that may interfere with the holiday plans of both sets of supporters.

The third switch is the away trip to Nottingham Forest on Saturday January 13, which will now be a 17.30 kick-off.

Boxing Day Blues?

As mentioned above, the most problematic switch is perhaps the Boxing Day trip to Brentford. Already a Brentford supporter body has questioned Sky’s casual treatment of football fans.

What do you think?

It is a pain for the diehard Villa away supporter, now having to travel back late on Boxing Day. Will there even be trains available? Did Sky Sports even check out the travel options for away fans?

Meanwhile some Villa supporters will relish the opportunity to sit around the log fire with their loved ones at Christmas and watch the game (or at least have a distraction from the in-laws!).

With Aston Villa being one of the bigger fanbases in the Championship, they are obviously a big draw for Sky TV, now they are showing signs of challenging for the promotion spots.

Every game chosen by Sky TV also devalues the £110 some overseas Villa supporters paid for the AVTV online streaming service for Villa games. Any game selected by Sky TV subsequently then not included in the streaming package.

Should there be some kind of refund, if Sky TV selects over a certain amount of games?

While a five-week notice period is in place for the changing of match times, maybe it’s time to look at some of the other issues the trend towards more and more televised games raises?


Fixtures Change Summary

Saturday December 23: Aston Villa v Sheffield United – 5.30pm
Tuesday December 26: Brentford v Aston Villa – 7.30pm
Saturday January 13: Nottingham Forest v Aston Villa – 5.30pm

Remaining Aston Villa Fixtures


4: Sheffield Wednesday (h) – 15:00

18: Queens Park Rangers (a) – 15:00

21: Sunderland (h) – 19:45

25: Ipswich Town (h) – 15:00


1: Leeds United (a) – 19:45 TV

9: Millwall (h) – 15:00

16: Derby County (a) – 15:00

23: Sheffield United (h) – 17:30 TV

26: Brentford (a) – 19.30 TV

30: Middlesbrough (a) – 15:00


1: Bristol City (h) – 15:00

13: Nottingham Forest (a) – 17:30 TV

20: Barnsley (h) – 15:00

27: Sheffield United (a) – 15:00


3: Burton Albion (h) – 15:00

11: Birmingham City (h) – 12:00 *

17: Fulham (a) – 15:00

20: Preston North End (h) – 19:45

24: Sheffield Wednesday (a) – 15:00


3: Queens Park Rangers (h) – 15:00

6: Sunderland (a) – 19:45

10: Wolverhampton (h) – 15:00

17: Bolton Wanderers (a) – 15:00

30: Hull City (a) – 15:00


2: Reading (h) – 15:00

7: Norwich City (a) – 15:00

10: Cardiff City (h) – 19:45

14: Leeds United (h) – 15:00

21: Ipswich Town (a) – 15:00

28: Derby County (h) – 15:00


6: Millwall (a)


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