Season Closing Aston Villa Podcast Episodes Out

It’s been a pleasure to bring you the My Old Man Said podcast this season, despite the constant fight to find the time to fit it in, and the late, late nights editing it together. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed it, wherever you listen to it (let us know by tweeting @astonvillapod), if you haven’t listened yet…what are you waiting for?!

Due to the persistent climate of under achievement on the pitch, we’ve tried to have a little fun with the format to bring you an Aston Villa podcast that’s a little more fresh, entertaining and humourous than the norm. The laughs making it certainly have helped keep it going so far.

Like the My Old Man Said blog/website, the thinking behind the podcast is to give Villa supporters something smarter and more humourous to enjoy, and it to be an antidote to the dumbing down of most football media and the mainly beige and vanilla coverage of Villa out there.

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If we can get up to 100 Patrons during the summer this will be a massive help in making sure that the podcast can continue and evolve. The only other way to keep it going would be to turn the MOMS site into a typical clickbait football site, but I’d have no interest in such a website and would rather close it down.

New Episode 21

The latest podcast episode is out and we discuss how the cards all fell at the end of the Championship season. What we thought about the play-off teams, why Villa came up short and what needs adding to the first team mix.

We also have a laugh at that Craig Gardner interview and about flags. Flags? Yes, fan-funded ones, white ones, Chinese ones.

There’s also discussion about those Villa fans that always seem to sit behind you at Villa Park and we reminisce about the good old days of Tommy Sorensen and Gavin McCann…yes, they are officially ‘good old days’ now, compared to the last five seasons or so.

Also, there’s a message from our god Randy Lerner, Jedinak’s Jungle and several alerts from Negatron (think the Transformers’ Megatron, if he was a Villa fan).

Tuck in below…

Episode 20

Speaking of Negatron, his first appearance came in episode 20, which is worth listening too for more discussion on Villa’s season and principally what is wrong with their attacking play. Does Gabby really have a role to play?

We also discuss Villa’s summer transfer needs and the second city derby, plus address a certain urban myth about the late Ugo Ehiogu.

Check it out below:

Extra Episodes

If you want a taste of our ‘.5’ extra shows aka ‘pub session’ recordings, then check out our last one below. It’s a format that we’ll probably run more frequently in pre-season.

It’s essentially a quick chat about the latest happenings at Villa over a pint.

In the one below we talk about Steve Bruce’s anger, the increasing list of players that need shipping out and the way forward after Kodjia’s injury.

We also ask the question, should Villa have made the play-offs and are the excuses for not making them actually warranted? There’s the return of Twitter with Tony and also Negatron pops in…as does the late Dennis Hopper.

There’s also various random references to boxing… we must have been still hyped from the Anthony Joshua fight.

Check it out here:

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