Roy Keane Accuses Sherwood of Being a Vulture for the Villa Job. So What’s he?

[quote_center]“If we lose three or four on the spin (with Ireland), then I will leave Villa.”[/quote_center]

Conspiracy theorist Villa supporters once thought that Roy Keane took the assistant managers job at Villa, to essentially get the inside run on the Villa number one position, but was Keane’s heart ever in his job as paul Lambert’s understudy? Certainly the Villa board were naive at the time – why employ somebody who openly admits that what is ultimately a part-time job with Ireland was more important than working at Villa?

Keane stated that: “If we lose three or four on the spin (with Ireland), then I will leave Villa.”

What about if he lost four, or five, or six on the trot with Villa? Oh, hang on a minute…

No, Keane shouldn’t have left Ireland to concentrate on Villa, but the ex-Sunderland manager should have resigned from Aston Villa on Sun 2nd November 2014, after a 2-1 defeat at home to Spurs saw the Lambert and Keane combo rack up six loses on the trot.

Why did it take him four weeks after that to work out he wasn’t good enough for the Villa assistant manager job?

When Roy Keane came to Villa, MOMS considered it a good move on a temporary basis due to the takeover limbo and the fact we needed somebody to set fire to the complacency and comfort zone of the Villa squad. The release of Keane’s biography brought us all a few laughs, especially where excerpts set about the likes of Robbie Savage. But increasingly, as every international brought another Keane interview or press conference, it seemed that Keane was only in it for himself.

Regarding Keane’s latest words on Tim Sherwood’s presence at Villa’s FA Cup game against Bournemouth, the only issue with that is Sherwood should have been managing Villa then and not watching from the stands!


Keane on Sherwood:

” I went to watch Villa against Bournemouth in the FA Cup a few weeks before Paul was sacked and Tim Sherwood was sitting behind me. I just thought, ‘All right….

“Some men go to matches if they think there’s a job there for them. I believe Tim had been at two or three games.

“It’s not a criticism of Tim. It’s part of the game, it’s the industry we’re in.

“I’d go the other way myself. If I thought the manager was under pressure and I was somehow being linked to the job, I’d avoid the place.”

Yes, it was very suspicious when the then ex-Spurs boss was first seen in the Trinity Road stand at the FA Cup game against Bournemouth and then again later at Villa Park matches in advance of Lambert’s sacking. Especially when you consider the kind of football Villa were playing at the time; they were hardly a grand attraction for the neutral.

Keane’s words are obviously nothing more than an update in his book, and the only real insinuation towards Sherwood is he was a bit over eager and it was perhaps not very gentlemanly conduct. But hey, the time for manners is when a team isn’t sinking listlessly towards relegation and beginning a seven game losing streak (it’s amazing to think Villa have had a six and seven game losing streak within one season).

Sherwood can do no wrong in what was always a salvage job this season. Keane will only be remembered as one of the two men who got Villa into a sorry mess in the first place.

In terms of the next chapters of his book, Keane perhaps should wait until he’s actually had some success in management. UTV
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    • Yes, Sherwood has shown them both up with his man management, as he’s got much better results using the same resources.

  1. so an out off work manager attending a game where there may be a vacancy,commenting on an out of work manager attending the same game.standards and double are the first two words that come into my head

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