Roy Keane’s Dark Secret Discovered on Tom Cleverley’s Front Lawn

Roy Keane’s secret exposed

For a few months the Ireland assistant manager Roy Keane was an entertaining sideshow for Aston Villa fans.

There was the amusing quotes from his book, his intense prowling of the touchline that struck fear into Premier League officials and then there was his beard.

Keane’s Beard

Keane’s beard seemed to have a life of its own and its growth rate seemed startling…some may say even inhuman.

When on international duty away from Villa Park, Keane once shaved it completely off, only to return to B6 hours later with it seemingly approaching full-growth again. While many of the Villa staff were impressed, others suspected some kind of dark Irish magic was in play (and I’m not talking Guinness).

Cleverley Lawn Evidence

This week though it was discovered that there was nothing mystical about Roy Keane’s beard, with the explanation being something altogether more organic and biological.

A chunk of Keane’s beard was found on Villa midfielder Tom Cleverley’s front lawn after the former Villa number two visited the Villa midfielder’s house curious to know who had been leaking stories about him.

Allegedly, once Cleverley answered his front door a heated exchange broke out that led to a bit of beard pulling, which in turn was rumoured to end with Cleverley spending the weekend in hospital.

The midfielder’s absence from the Villa team against United at the weekend was then attributed by the club to his loan agreement and a suspension (yeah right, likely story!).

After Cleverley was shipped off to the hospital, his¬†gardener found the piece of Keane’s beard and upon closer inspection was subjected to a big surprise, which the Cleverley estate’s CCTV camera picked up, as seen below:

It’s reported that the Football Association of Ireland is footing the bill for the pest control Cleverley needed to call out to rid his house of the last traces of Roy Keane.


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