Roy Keane Aston Villa Assistant Manager Incoming Within the Week?

roy keane aston villa assistant manager

 Roy Keane Aston Villa Assistant Manager by July 7th?


The return of  Aston Villa players to preseason training on July 7th will start to herald answers to the many questions that hover over Villa Park. Of course there’s the matter of the a new owner, but as MOMS has said repeatedly, expect that one to be a slow burner.  They’ll be the matter of key contracts that need to be renewed as in the case of Fabian Delph, Gabby Agbonlahor and Ron Vlaar’s, although expect Vlaar to be granted extended leave due to his World Cup effort. Hopefully, he’ll return to Villa Park!

There’s still the whole summer to address those contractual matters though, a more pressing concern is who will be Paul Lambert’s assistant manager?  It would be foolish and somewhat lazy to start a preseason without your assistant manager in place, thus it’s pure common sense to expect Roy Keane to be confirmed next week after the Irishman dots  the i’s and crosses the t’s with Villa. If he’s not in place by July 7th, then it’s unlikely he’ll come to Villa at all.

We’ve already discussed the Roy Keane Villa situation in terms of what he brings to the club, in what seems to be an interim measure while the ownership situation resolves itself. One additional role that may befall on Keane is getting the best out of the returning ‘Bomb Squad’, if the likes of Darren Bent, Charles N’Zogbia and Alan Hutton are on the playing staff come the start of the season. Obviously relations are not going to be 100% between those players and Lambert, no matter what PR posturing the club does to try to convince supporters they are happy campers.

With the news of Darren Bent in talks with Trabzonsporv though, it’s apparent that the Bomb Squad members would prefer to play elsewhere than under Lambert again. But if they don’t find passage out of Villa Park, Keane being around should definitely help matters. UTV





  1. Well its done now. We’ll see how it effects performances on the pitch. His press conference wasn’t encouraging “hopefully an improvement”, hardly ambitious. Maybe he’ll attract some players who might not come otherwise is my hope.

    If no sale happens it opens a nice way for Lambert to ease out his final year now. All he has to do is keep us up, spin the line of no money to work with and he should walk into another job, Keane there all ready to step in.

    As for another candidate its moot now, but I did see someone mention Ian Taylor on another board. Would have been preferable in my opinion.

  2. people are saying that this is a bad choice. but your judging him as a manager. he might have not been the best but we are taking him on as our number two. just think of it this way. lambert after games would always say we played well even if we didnt so how is he in training does he tell the players how good there are doing even if they aint, maybe we need someone like roy to tell it how it is and give everyone a kick up the ass. plus hes been with oneil for a while now not a bad manager to lurn from.lets hope it pays off.

  3. beggars can’t be choosers. Keane is a very mixed blessing, but we have to have staff to replace Culverhouse and Karsa. The more interesting rumour – and the one most likely to stay around if appointed – was Billy Stark, Scotland U21 coach.

    But have not doubt, if we get to pre season and no replacements in the back room, the players and the rest of us will start to get the feeling the game is up.

    If anyone thinks Keane is not the man, produce someone else willing to do the job,. No appointments is a non brainer.

    trevor fisher

  4. Think I would rather have someone with technical or tactical nous over Keane. The team seems to be “nervous” at times, the home form is telling and is a serious concern. There are concerns for me around Roy’s temperament and anger isn’t the greatest motivational tool in my opinion.

    If they wanted a “personality” they should have followed NUFC and got someone like Cheryl Tweedy. Maybe that would get the crowd singing even when we’re not playing well. Maybe the money could have been better utilized on a well researched unknown assistant and the leftover (cause I doubt Roy’s coming cheap) put into contract renewals.

    However I hope, if it does transpire that Keane is assistant manager he does a great job, and the appointment proves to be a masterstroke.

  5. Roy adds a strong personality which is needed! Surely he would not join unless a sale was close! O’Niel has advised him so knows the situation!

  6. Can’t see any positives in Keane joining us at all. Player front, come kick off time I think we’ll be in a weaker position than last season, and if that’s the case then this will surely be the season we fall….sorry, not being negative just calling it as I see it after the last 3 seasons. #VTID.

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