Once it was Christian Benteke that was the main Aston Villa player that was the subject of daily transfer speculation, but now Villa captain Ron Vlaar after a decent World Cup with the Dutch national team has taken his mantle.

We’ve already discussed the possibility of Villa’s main centre-back moving on due to the circumstances he finds himself in, but the reason he would move away isn’t for what the likes of Southampton or QPR would offer him.

Sky Bet currently makes the Saints strong favourites at 6/4 to enlist the services of the Dutchman.

 Ron Vlaar Transfer Odds

ron vlaar transfer odds

But why would he go there?

The only thing Southampton could offer him would be a big pay-rise and a long-term contract, but at the same time, they would have to offer over-the-odds money in terms of a transfer fee to Villa too. Vlaar would be moving to a smaller club than the one he is currently captain of and that has just sold off its best players who made up the nucleus of its team last season.

Vlaar currently has the best chance he’ll ever have of obtaining a dream move, he’s also at the age (29) where if he did move, it would be a move to fulfill any dreams he had as a player – to win trophies, to play in the European Champions League.

Lets not forget that Sky Bet does at times work in cahoots with Sky Sports News to alter the market and tempt punters into bets. This is not some cynical conspiracy theory but has been proven over the years. Take anything you hear/read from them with a pinch of salt.

Yes, Vlaar has one year left of his contract and put himself in the shop window with impressive displays, especially against Messi and Argentina, but he’ll hope for a better class of suitor for his talents. The Saints? I just don’t see it – if a) he has any footballing ambition and b) Lerner has any remaining backbone.

If I was making any Southampton-related bet, it would be on their relegation, as Ronald Koeman has to largely knit together a team from scratch and he also has zero experience as a Premier League manager. UTV




  1. I’ve heard rumours Vlaar hasn’t been taken on the trip to USA….does anyone have any info on this? The only other ones I’m aware of not going over is Luna and Tonev as PL wants shot of them. Even Benteke and Kozak are over there and both injured.

    • Vlaar has been given an extra couple of weeks off to rest after having played in the WC. Guzan has only just joined up with the team in Texas for similar reasons.

    • Players get extended breaks due to the World Cup. Players in teams who made the last four will obviously get extended leave. Tonev is injured…although there’s a rumour he may have had a visa problem.

  2. Read the first statement from PL on Vlaar today, he is staying. Lambert’s track record is pretty good in this area. Don’t see a mega club coming for him because of his injury history as MOM’s said, its funny how a dutch players get decemberitis. Van persil is usually out over Xmas too I think, Although how Argentina could be called a smaller team is a question some of my latin friends may pose. Messi did not have a good tourny after the group stages but its still some achievement to shut him down. The pen miss was also an off putter for some i should imagine. I hope he signs an improved contract as if Okore lives up to potential that could be a nice tight pairing.

    Off thread sorry, but was surprised to see comments turned off on the Faulkner article. A CFO in charge is in my experience a bad idea.

  3. I’d be very surprised if he wasn’t a Villa player next season. Lambert and the club have not intimated in the slightest that he is out of their plans.

  4. no disrespect to southampton,, nice place and team on the up,,,
    and he is good enough for them,,,

    but if it was me,,,,

    i would wait for liverpool or man u,,, but probably needs 3 at the back to get best from him

    or arsenal,,,

    love to see him stay and we should fight to keep him,,,

    but the would cup had opened everyones eyes to him

    i hope he stays but cats out of the bag now

    • The chance I think we have of keeping him, if Lerner is open to an improved contract, is him playing part of a back-three against smaller generally possession-based teams (Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina etc) is not the same as the more direct fast and furious Premier League. That and his injury problems in the past is why a ‘top club’ didn’t pick him up before.

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